The first of three storms

This week, the North East (the south, the midwest, etc…) has been socked by weather.  I blame that groundhog.  In real time, we are at the tail end of storm #2.  So in an effort to keep up, here is our experiences of storm #1/AKA Monday.

By 6:30 Monday morning day care announced it was closed and I canceled my classes for the day.  So we had a lot of play time.

We started upstairs, in the tent.

I am not sure if I ever posted on this, but this tent is a new addition to the nursery and the kids love it!  We all go in there to read, play or hang out.  Sidney has brought the shopping cart and a doll stroller in with her.

We spent a lot of time watching the snow fall.

Our “activity” of the day was to pull all the couch cushions to the floor and climb on everything.  HUGE hit!



Sometimes when you are having fun, you just have to rest for a minute

and sometimes when you are having fun,m you have to take a break and eat your feet.



But you can only climb on the cushions for so long, so we also played in the sun room

(Emily was at her art table and I only got pictures of the back of her head…)

But finally it was nap time, which meant Emily and I got some time alone, which we both wanted.


But sadly, our alone time was cut short but short naps.

So we played with playdough


And at this point, I stopped documenting the storm and made dinner.  There seems to be a shortage of good Emily pictures, but never fear, I made up for that during storm #2…


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