Gymnastics, playing, and the zoo

The kids are all in gymnastics class now, and while they love it, it makes Saturday mornings very complex.  This is the story of last weekend.

The twins have started gymnastics and seriously, you should look for Sidney in the Olympics in about 16 years.  SHE LOVES IT!  From the first second of the class, Sidney was everywhere.  Because the kids are so young, the rule is that they are allowed to wander freely, as long as they are safe.  Because they are mine, the twins generally stay with the group.  The class opens with a good morning song (since it is 8:30am after all) with jingle bell strips.  The kids each get one and then return it after the song.  Sidney supervises this process.  She is all over the group activity, running in circles, trying to roll, etc.  Spencer spends much f this time with his arms and legs wrapped around me and his head buried in my shoulder.  He is getting more comfortable with the class, so I am sure this will end soon.

Sidney loves the beam and has done wheel barrel walking (walking on her hands with her hips supported), forward rolls and walking sideways.  She has hung from the bar and done a few simple swings and one roll.  She loves forward and backwards rolls on the cheese mat.  She is great n the air track (giant air mattress) after a few initial spills, was running and bouncing with the big kids (and Emily).  Free time is her favorite, and she races from station to station with a huge smile.  it is definitely the highlight of her week!

Then at 9:30 we race home and to drop off (usually) me and the twins and D takes Emily back for her 10:30 class.  This weekend we stopped off for bagels on the way home, which Sidney really appreciated.

After enjoying his bagel, Spencer realized that hydration is important, so he got as many sippies as he could!

Well, since she could not get a drink, here is Sidney, 3 faces in rapid succession – wow this kid is expressive!

Then we moved into the sun room to play with the cash register. (Note the new purple table – I just finished that one and while I am not sure I love it, the kids sure do!)


The next day was nearly 50 degrees so we took full advantage of the heat wave and visited the zoo.

The first animals by the entrance are a pair of giant condors.  With a HUGE wing span!  The kids were captivated by them.  it was lunch time and the female was eating right by the edge of her cage.  Periodically, the male would come over to snag some of her lunch (carcass) and there would be a wing flapping spectacle. 

it turns out Emily’s wing span is smaller than that of a giant condor.

We saw tigers (huge roar), alligators, one big sheep, tiny baby goats (I thought goats were born in the spring?), a big pig, snowy owls, and wolves. 

We also enjoyed the bald eagle exhibit


The babies enjoyed the ducks and other waterfowl a lot.


Our zoo has free roaming peacocks and we were lucky enough to see the albino one

This is a tiny zoo but we only did about half of it before we started to get cold again and besides, it was lunch time!  A quick stop too see if our wings grew on the way out…


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