one (or two?) snow storms ago….

I can’t document this past snow storm without first documenting the last (one of the last) storm.  I am so sick of winter and cold and snow.  And while I do love quality time with the kids, I am running out of winter/snowy indoors activities.

For this particular storm, on a Tuesday, the snow started early and the schools then closed early.  I had to wake up all three kids at school, which always sucks.  But an afternoon playing in front of the fire made everything better.

Each of the kids has their own chair.  Spencer loves Sidney’s chair., and Sidney loves Spencer’s chair.  And everyone loves Emily’s chair.  But my man can rock a pink chair.  He has been doing so his entire life.

We have entered the Elmo obsession here, despite the look on Sidney’s face.

I built a lovely fire and we spent the rest of the afternoon coloring (dot dot) in front of the fire.

Sidney was very careful and deliberate with her coloring.

I am blown away by how Sidney holds her marker.  She was very careful with each mark on the paper.

And that is all I have to say about that snow storm.  Posts I am working on (slowly) include the babies first cognizant trip to the zoo and the most recent snowstorm, AKA sofa cushion removal play time.


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