You can’t make this stuff up!

Yesterday morning I was washing breakfast dishes when I heard a scream.  I turned to see Sidney, holding her breakfast plate high over her head (vertically) and running around the table, screaming.  Behind her, in hot pursuit, on his knees, was Spencer, chasing her around the table waving a fork over his head.

Breakfast that morning was eggs, scrambled with milk, butter, goat cheese and dill.  And obviously delicious!  Spencer ate his eggs, snagged what he could from Emily’s plate, and then decided to go after Sidney’s eggs.  She was less than thrilled with this idea.  but by holding the plate vertically while running, she ended up with eggs on her hair, on her face, on her clothes and on the floor.  Which was fine with Spencer really who sat down to enjoy what she had dropped.

Parenting twins is hard.  Parenting 3 kids is hard.  But parenting 19 month olds is fun and just funny!

This is Sidney, please do not touch her eggs.


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