Christmas Crafts – painting with pudding

Some days you just throw caution to the wind and let the kids make a mess.   This day started with me making a casual suggestion, and ended with mopping the floor 4 times.

This year we decided to make gifts for the day care teachers.  I always worry that buying a gift is SO impersonal.  The teachers take a lot of personal time with my kids, and I wanted the kids to do the same for them, and make them something they could keep.  So we painted with pudding (again).  Much like last time, Emily was meticulous, Sidney was consistent and Spencer ate pudding.  Well, in truth, everyone ate pudding.  lemon pudding tinted with food coloring.

So here is our pudding painting adventure, in pictures, TONS AND TONS of pictures!  Most of these are the twins, since this was a holiday gift for their teachers (Emily did individual crafty gifts for her teachers).  And really, Emily is very neat and clean finger painter, the twins are babies and not quite as neat.  Be warned in advance that I am serious about there being a lot of pictures here!  Also, this is not a series of photographically perfect pictures.  These are taken by a mom trying to capture fun memories.  There are blurry spots and a few blurry pictures.   But they are all fun!



















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