free + free = a cool clock!

I am a huge fan of remaking/upcycling/thrifting, stuff like that.  I love trolling freecycle and the free section of craig’s list to see what people no longer need and then see if I can make something cool out of it.  For this project, 2 freecycle scores collided.

A month or so ago, I took a clock off freecycle.  It was pretty ugly.  A basic, simple, boring clock.  But I need a few clocks – one for the basement and one for the twins room.  So I took it.  Why not?

See, there is nothing WRONG with this clock, but there is not much RIGHT about it either.  it simply does it job and tells the time.  Nothing less, nothing more.

But I also scored an entire cross stitch stash from another freecycler.  Some really great stuff in there, but a huge box of floss.  And I already have a ton of floss.  So I kind of put the two freecycle scores together.  I wrapped the wooded clock frame in the floss.

it was so easy and looks so good!  The glass and face come right out and the floss wraps around the frame easily.  This has to be the easiest project ever!  All the floss I used was from that freecycler’s stash, except the neon green, which was already mine and adds a fun touch.

After some glass cleaner and 4 screws, I now have a cool clock!

I am still working on the basement.   One of my projects is an alphabet wall, and someday this will be the O in the alphabet.  But for now, I really need a clock in the nursery.


I still love the hoop wall art.  So I moved a hoop or two and stuck the clock up there with them.  I think it looks kind of cute (and kind of weird at the same time).  But I needed a clock and this one does tell the time.  Now, it is fun at the same time! (pun totally intended 🙂 )


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4 thoughts on “free + free = a cool clock!

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  2. What a clever idea. It’s like having your own color wheel that tells time. I look forward to more from you on WordPress and would like to have you follow Lulu’s Musings as well.

  3. I think that clock is totally awesome. And that you could sync up two free things to make it, wow, mind blown. I bet I make something similar because I love the random colors, but it probably won’t be free 😦 that’s okay, though. You give me a standard to try to live up to!

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