dark, blurry smiles

It is cold.  Too cold.   Yes, I know that I have little right to complain, especially since our cousin lives in Chicago (enough said), but I am not a fan of cold.  Once the temperature hits 50 I am done.  I like taking my kids outside.  I miss the farm, the trees, the grass, picnics, etc.  We have even started blowing bubbles in the house and for someone as OCD as I am, that is a huge step.  So we (obviously) stay inside a lot.  I am trying to see the silver lining and I am using this as an opportunity to work on getting the camera off auto and take decent inside pictures.

We played a lot with the sofa cushions.  Emily pulled one in front of the big chair and made herself a little hide out.


(taking the camera off auto and shooting directing into a sun filled window… sigh….)

We always play in the kitchen.  Note to anyone doing any remodeling – toe kick heaters are the BEST!  The kids love playing right in front of it.  It reminds me of our family dog who used to sit on the heat and a/c vents….

Gorgeous smile!!  And under that sweatshirt is her favorite turtle shirt (Durtle Mamma Durtle)

I am not in a hurry to get the kids bundled up and into the cold world in the morning, so we have been hanging out in the family room, reading books and playing with camera settings.

(not great, still learning….  here I was playing with ISO and had a really low flash power, but that little tongue sticking out is so cute)


This picture to me, is perfection on a lot of levels.  First of all, 2 of my kids laughing and playing together is always the best, flash, auto mode, whatever.  But the fact that I did it off auto is sweet!  (I do remember that I used the flash but dialed down the power)  Add to that the fact that it is in focus while off auto and I am over the moon!

Where was Sidney during this sibling play time?

Never get between one of my kids and a smoothies!  This one was fabulous – mango, watermelon, a few handfuls of whatever frozen fruit we had, strawberries, a few raspberries, and yogurt.  They inhaled it!

I am lucky to have willing models as I work on using my camera to its full potential!  I obviously used the flash in the last 3 pictures, since it was not that dark out, but I am much happier with the inside pictures I am getting…  Thank goodness for digital cameras because I delete a lot!



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