romantic firelight picnics

In my mind, half the purpose of a fireplace is the romance factor.  Cuddling by the fire…  and I guess that is all because this is a baby book.  So moving on from the romance factor…

D is the fire master!  And has has grown a lot since our first fire.  The first trip we ever took together was out to the Seattle area.  We did Seattle, Vancouver (high tea in Victoria was SO amazing!), the San Juan Islands, and Mount Olympic Park (hiking on glaciers, that perfect water, frogs in the ice pools…).  Olympic Park and high tea were my absolute favorites!  In the Olympic Park area we stayed in a cabin complete with a hit tub outside in the pine forest, and a fireplace in the living room.  D was not so good at making fires then.  Since then, however, he has mastered the craft!  Sidney loves this!

This morning Sidney was pointing to the mantle and signing please. over and over. I had just put the camera up there so I told her, no, you can’t have mommy’s camera.  But she kept going.  I pointed to the camera and she shoot her head no.  I pointed to the matches and she shoot her head no, more emphatically.   I pointed to pictures, to the Kiddish cups Emily made, to the temperature/clock thing, no every time.  but she kept pointing and signing more and please.  A fire?  Yep.  She wanted Darren to build a fire.  As soon as he started, she clapped and made Sidney style happy noises.

Once the fire was lit, she stood before it for a while (checking to make sure it really caught perhaps?).

Then Sidney found a couch pillow that was on the floor (from an earlier couch cushion fort/climbing apparatus) and sat down to relax and enjoy the fire.  But Sidney is not one to ever pass on an opportunity.  She went into the kitchen and returned with a cup and a bowl.  In the bowl was a cracker.  And Sidney sat in front of the fire and enjoyed her little picnic.

This is a little girl who clearly knows her own mind, and knows how to get what she wants. I just hope she always uses her powers for good (or mostly good).


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