2013 – A year in review

As in years past, new years eve is our traditional Year in Review post.

2012, 2011, 2010

And now, 2013.

In January the babies started school.  It was weird for me to have all three kids in day care.  The house was strangely quiet (the same silence I yearn for now), but I knew all three kids were together.  I am blessed that my job allowed me to be with the babies 9and with Emily) for 6 months, but also blessed to know they are safe and happy when I am at work.  And it snowed.  A lot.  We rode out the snow with giggles and playing.



In February Emily and I took some mommy Emily time and went to a paint your own pottery studio.  And it snowed,  A lot more. But the most important event of February was that Emily turned 4!

In March we celebrated as the babies learned to hold their own bottles.  This may seem little, when when you parent twins, it is a huge milestone! Emily got a bike for her 4th birthday, but grandma and grandpa brought it over during a (another) snowstorm, so she first rode on the breezeway (she is only helmet free in these pictures, every time she rides she wears it).  We started seeing teeth appearing.  Emily got a haircut.  And Spencer learned to sit.



In April we were finally able to get back outside.  Emily and I started to redo a rocking chair, and I redecorated the kids bathroom.  With the daffodils in full bloom we played outside every chance we got.  The babies learned the joy of swings and the subsequent agony of having to share the swings.



In May Sidney learned how to sit.  Emily and I planted our summer herb garden, some plants (vanilla butterfly daisies) and a Japanese maple that we received as a generous gift.  Emily also, unfortunately, suffered from growing pains, which resulted in us doing a lot of sewing.  She loved the sewing part, not the leg pain part.  Spencer started the army crawl.  Sidney started drinking through a straw.  Emily hit a grand slam in driveway baseball and stopped wearing anything other other than dresses and the occasional skirt.



June was all about being outside!  We celebrated the babies first birthday.  One day Emily and I decided to leave the babies at school and go strawberry picking.  Emily and I experimented with chalk paint and created a fabulous sewing cabinet and we painted a picnic table.  Emily also had her gymnastics show, and the babies got their own easy chairs.



July was jam packed!  We took an extended family vacation – a week in Rhode Island that was hugely successful (and much better than the time the 10 of us camped out together during Sandy).  We spent a ton of time in the pool, which we filled every morning in a sunny spot that would be shady in the afternoon.  80 degree pool water was a huge hit!  Spencer learned peek a boo and played it with every dish towel he could find.



I think we spent all of August outside.  Emily and I made our fruit bowl from an old lamp.  Sidney started standing up.  We visited the aquarium and of course, our favorite farm.  We played in the backyard, the front yard, on the swings and in the wagon and blew countless bubbles.


September was a craft explosion.  Emily and I lengthened shirts and dresses and redid 2 (3?) chairs.  We visited our favorite farm every chance we got.  And best of all, we went apple picking twice.  Our Rosh Hashana tradition is to take Emily apple picking and then go to the children’s service and then we went again with the babies to get macouns.  This year we took Emily to a new apple orchard and it was the BEST!  We all loved the corn maze so much, as well as, of course, the countless apples she ate.



In October we celebrated our brand new kitchen cabinets (and silverware drawer) being 100% completed!  The babies learned the joy of driving and we went pumpkin picking.  They also learned how to climb up stairs, and Emily threw a birthday party for her baby doll.



In November I celebrated getting the first good picture of all three kids all facing the same way, all with moderate to recognizable smiles, thanks to our neighbor across the street having her driveway repaved.  Emily and I made a footstool out of an old drawer.  And we made friends with a turkey who now comes to visit us daily.  We also celebrated Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, where the babies learned how to break into grandma and grandpa’s liqueur cabinet, spawning a debate – drink it all or baby proof it?



And lastly, December.  Emily got to go to work with mommy and with daddy, both of which she loved.  Spencer got his first hair cut.  We finger painted with pudding, which created beautiful art (a post on that is coming) and really adorable messy kids.  it snowed (sigh), and our turkey friend followed me up and down the driveway when I shoveled one afternoon.  Then it snowed again and the kids all had a blast playing on the sled.  We even too our first trip into New York City.



And with that, we close out 2013 and welcome 2014!  Happy New Year my babies!


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