a day in the city

This morning we had an impromptu family meeting (Emily does roll call and then we discuss new business) and decided to do something fun and new…  But we had no ideas.  We threw out a bunch of ideas and settled on a visit to the city.  The very idea terrifies me.  3 kids to keep track of, massive crowds, chaos.  But we did it.  And we did it well!

It was D’s brilliant idea to bring 2 strollers and I do mean brilliant!  First of all, it kept head counts easy and second of all, it sped up the operation, since 4 year olds are not speed walkers!

We walked a bit, looking at lights and windows and made our way to the Rockefeller tree (which really, I thought was pretty unimpressive).  The surrounding lights were really pretty though, and unique.

The crowds were massive (to me at least) and the double stroller attracted a lot of (unwanted) attention.  I felt like a tourist attraction – one woman even took a picture of the babies!  I get that they are cute.  I get that people don’t see twins every day (well, I do, but I get it).  But come on!  Seriously, I can picture her going back to wherever she came from, showing her friends pictures of her trip to the city and in the middle is a picture of my kids.  It is rather unsettling.

We escaped the crowds by visiting a coal fire pizza that D and I enjoyed when we were dating.  The kids enjoyed pizza with fresh mozzarella and pasta for lunch and then we headed to the park.

The main reason we chose today to hit the city was because it was nearly 50 and won’t be that nice, likely to a long time.  The kids loved taking off their hats (but would have enjoyed it more if I took of the foot muff thing and they had use of their arms).  Still, there was lots to look at, including horses which they really enjoyed.  But a warm day in winter means snow melt and in the park, that means mud.

Still, just above the skating rink, we found a dry patch of grass that was relatively empty and we let the kids loose.

The loved sitting out in the warm sunshine!

But Sidney did take off the first chance she got.


In that first picture, it is hard to see, but she is waving at D and Emily, who are at the top of the hill.  The problem was that I did not plan for playtime in the park and the kids are wearing their acorn slippers. Warm and cozy and great for a cold winter day, but I wish I had brought Sidney’s shoes, they are better for walking.  Still she did a great job.

Spencer was happy relaxing in the sun, which is good since he doesn’t walk yet…

And once Sidney realized her escape plan was foiled, she took to finding leaves.

Emily, meanwhile, enjoyed exploring with D.

And still, Spencer just relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon.


It was just a great afternoon.  We were able to stay on our hill, in the sun for about an hour, and the kids soaked it up!


A simple day in the city has gone from a fun day out to an adventure.  A stressful adventure that requires em to pack.  The diaper bag becomes a life line.  And yet, it worked and was fun in the end.  All that mattes is that the kids enjoyed it and they did.

For me, the best part was how much fun they had and seeing my cousin.  Thursday and Friday my cousin from Massachusetts was down to visit.  Emily was beside herself happy and excited!  And she got smiles and hugs from the kids.  And I loved it more than any of them.  So, as we packed up for our day in the city, I shot a quick email to my other cousin (her sister) in new york and yay, she was free!  We think it has been a year since she saw the kids, so this was so special.  As we close out the new year and I start to work on our annual year in review post, spending time with my cousins is an ideal was to close out the year.  Holding Spencer in my arms, chatting with Juli and watching Sidney and Emily play with D is an idea way to end the year.  Watching Sidney crawl up Emily and then hug her, and then tackle her down to the grass, is an idea was to end the year.


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