Wet Socks

Emily and I have a running joke with D.  If he says he is going to take a shower, we say “No socks in the shower!”.  Not that he has even worn socks in the shower (to my knowledge), but nonetheless, we remind him.

We forgot to remind him today.

D was starting baths this evening.  When we bathe the kids, we undress them in the bathroom.  Clothes and diaper off Spencer, put him in the tub.  Clothes and diaper off Sidney, put her in the tub.  It is not hard really.  The kids enjoy bath time which makes it even easier.  Tonight, as D got the kids in the tub, Emily and I did the laundry.  Side bar – she folded, and put away all of her clothes herself.  She even hung up her dresses and shirts.  Add this to the fact that (most days) she makes her bed and we have one fabulous almost 5 year old.

But I digress.

Tonight D got the kids in the tub.

Apparently, once in the tub, Sidney gave D a look of complete confusion.  Then she started tugging on and looking at her socks.  Her socks are now drying on the side of the sink.

Silly daddy!  In his defense, Emily and I only told him, no socks in the shower.  We never said no socks in the tub.

Unrelated, but cute, here are some shots of the wet sock victim and brother.


And of big sister, who is now responsible for reminding Daddy, no socks on the shower OR the tub!


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