Merry Christmas 2013

To celebrate Christmas, D and Emily continued their tradition of a Christmas Eve camp out in the family room, in front of a roaring fire.

That is Emily in there!  She created a little nest for herself.  She folded each side of the comforter around her and then I folded the bottom up and she was so cozy!  (D slept on the sofa).  Last year we layered blankets and quilts on the floor and they both started there.  This year I put out a layer so she would not be on the hard floor, but in the morning, she had scooted off it and was happily sleeping on the floor.  In her cozy nest.

It is a good thing Santa doesn’t stop here (and not only because of the roaring fire that wold impede his progress down the chimney – then again, we do have 2 chimneys…  but that is not important now…) because we were pretty much up all night.  On a whim of a weird feeling (aka 2 sleepless nights and a fever last night) I took Spencer into the pediatrician walk in yesterday and they found a 102 degree fever and 2 ear infections.  Apparently his ears were so bad that I am surprised he only had 2 ear infections!  Motrin and antibiotics to the rescue and I am praying we sleep tonight because with these infections he would only sleep in our arms, in short spurts.  Last night at 2am I was rocking with Spencer who finally fell asleep and at that time, according to NORAD, Santa was in Louisville, in case you are curious.  So, really, I am tired.  And frankly I blame the weird weather – snow one day, 60 degrees the next (and snow Christmas Eve).  The recipe for colds that turn to ear infections.

But at least Spencer wakes up happy after these bad nights.  Christmas morning D built another fire and we hung out and played.

Sidney played peek a boo on the farm

Spencer tried out some of Emily’s puzzles

But the good news is that Mr. Man seems to be feeling better.  When he is not feeling well, he makes it obvious – crawls into my lap and cuddles and cries, or sucks his fingers.  Tonight he was crawling everywhere and would fling his arms around me for giant hugs, with giggle and huge smiles.  A huge relief after yesterday and the past few nights.  It is just so good to see him smile again.

And speaking of smiling, this video is Sidney, Tuesday afternoon.  After the pediatrician visit, Spencer went right to sleep (whew) and Sidney and I played in the sun room.  I was sitting on the bench next to a clock (loud ticking) and at the end you can just hear Spencer waking up, but the video is pure Sidney and So funny!

(the camera does an auto focus in video mode, that is what is happening at the end, your eyes are just fine!)

Merry Christmas to all and to all (especially us) a good night!


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