We are 18 months old!

Today the babies are 18 months old!

At 18 months Spencer is still my cuddlebug.  He loves to race crawl around the house, has a quick sense of humor, loves books, and is very loyal to his 3 sleeping buddies (Eeyore, a pink bear and a little monkey).  Spencer knows the difference between right and wrong.  And he loves to play on that.  For example, he knows not to eat the chalk when the kids are drawing (dot dot).  he will laugh and put the chalk right up next to his mouth and wait for you to take it away (or else he will go ahead and eat it).  Spencer is working madly on teeth, but has finally returned to sleeping through the night.  He is very devoted to his sisters.  He loves to tackle hug Emily, loves to grab anyone nose, and does not like being separated from Sidney.  Last week he had a fever and had to stay home one day from school.  The entire day, he kept asking me “Em Em? Diddy?”, and looked at pictures of his sisters.



At 18 months, Sidney is my firecracker.  Sidney is slow to accept change, but will pile heaps of love on those she has deemed “acceptable”.  Sidney knows her own mind like no one else I know!  She will shake her head no, say no, or nod her head to every question.  She is a fabulous walker and has even run a few times.    Sidney is also a reader.  Look at the 3 pictures of Spencer again, three in a row, all sitting, smiling, with a book.  You never get that from Sidney.  Picture 1 she is finishing up with her book.  Picture 2, ducky/kissy face/picture 3 crazy smiley girl who is now facing the other way.  Sidney is a girl on the move!


Just for fun, here is Emily at 18 months

For 18 months now I have been a mom and a MOM (Mother of Multiples).  For the past 18 months we have navigated the ups and down of 3 kids.  We have survived the 2 hours sleeping shifts, balancing attention demands, and the incredible experiences of watching twins learn the world and themselves and each other.  Mothering Emily was great, unique, and terrifying.  Mothering the babies is really different.  They comfort each other, they play with each other, they adore each other.  When Spencer is crying, Sidney will get something to comfort him.  This morning, they kids were upstairs and Spencer was upset about something and Sidney not only got him a pacifier, but put it in his mouth for him.

And now, 18 months in, the sweetest (not the bes, but definitely the sweetest) part of every day is checking on three sleeping kids.  The kids sleep like their personalities.  Spencer is cuddling his money (note Eeyore’s tail in the distance) and will spend the night with that money, in this general area of the crib.  Sidney is sleeping ON giraffee and cuddling baby doll.  She will use every inch of that crib.


Happy 18 month birthday my babies!


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