My snowy birthday weekend

This past weekend we got socked with the big snowstorm.  We had decided since my birthday was on Monday, to celebrate over the weekend.  I had a lot of snow storm plans.  We were going to bake bread, keep the over cranking out yummy treats (especially our favorite potato chips), do lots of art projects and other messy activities, because, really, why not?  Instead, Emily and I had the stomach flu.  Much less fun.

I will spare everyone the details of Emily and I sleeping on the sofa, in my bed, back on the sofa, back in bed.  Way too much screen time, although we both tended to fall asleep pretty quick.  The sips of ginger ale (I wonder sometimes if she got sick just for the ginger ale?), the sips of water.  And finally, that afternoon, we had stored up enough energy to spend some time with D and the babies.  D brought in a few bowls of snow for the babies to check out.  Sidney put one finger into the snow, gave it a horrific look, and left the scene immediately.

Far better to hang out an read than to play with whatever was in that bowl!  Yep, those are her pajamas.  We all stayed in pajamas all day, changing into different pajamas for bed (which for me happened before the babies!).  Emily however loved the bowls of snow and I discovered why they give pregnant women ice chips in labor.  Not enough water to upset the stomach, but enough to help the dry mouth.

And that was Saturday.

Sunday was a bit better.  Em was back in shape, and I was eating but very weak.  That afternoon we decided to take the kids outside to check out the snow.

Sidney stood there.  Fell over once or twice, but basically stood there.  Not happy.  The thing about Sidney is that she is a creature of habit.  When we finally convinced her that socks and shoes were not as torturous as she thought, she did it on her terms, which means she will wear one pair of shoes and only that one pair of shoes.  She loves her light pink jacket.  This double layer warmer jacket is torture.  And let’s not even discuss how much she hated the idea of snow pants.  She was not thrilled with anything.

Emily was in heaven and immediately lay down to make a snow angel.  However, the snow was covered with a layer of ice.  So she basically slid around for a minute to two and barely dented the ice/snow.

And poor Spencer was just confused.  I have been to every store in CT (and many online) and I am still searching high and low for snow pants in size 18 months.  Seriously, it is only mid December, how is the entire planet sold out of snow pants?  AND, to make matters worse, since he is not walking, he does not have snow boots.  So his poor little feet are in Emily’s size 5 princess snow boots.  Send spare change now to donate to his future therapy fund.

But the kids sure loved watching Emily on the sled!  D pulled her around and around the well, on that same icy snow that she could not press into an angel.

After a few rounds on the sled, Emily agreed to pose for a picture with the babies.


We were not going to coax a smile out of Sidney.  It was all still too new, too strange, too cold…    but at least in the second picture she looks mildly amused.  And despite his princess boots, Spencer has the greatest smile!  Love it!

And then the kids each too turns sledding, which was a huge hit!  This sled came from goodwill last winter, they had about 300 piled up and I so wish I had gotten more…  I wonder if I can find a 3 seater sled somewhere?


All in all, sucky weekend with the flu, but we salvaged the last part of Sunday.

And Monday, my actual birthday, was full of grading final exams and continuing the search for snow pants.

And now it is Tuesday, and snowing again.  We got the kids from school before lunch, just to play it safe, and hung out playing in the family room, with a gorgeous fire, watching the snow fall.


(by the way, the sticky note on the fireplace says “fireplace”.  it is part of a series Emily did.  She has also labeled the door, window, picture, ceiling and other random things in the house).

After bath time, Sidney and I came back downstairs to clean up the play room.  She found Emily’s camera and stopped helping me clean.


(sigh, obviously still working on lighting issues and photography…  not very successfully, but working on it…  so in that second picture, focus only on Sidney’s great huge smile.)


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