Today was the first real snowfall of the year.  Every school in the state was closed, except mine and the kids day care – odd, but convenient.  I ended up putting my final exam online and getting a TON of work done.  And now, at least out my window, the snow has stopped and roads look ok, at least cars seem to be moving ok…

Does anyone really LIKE snow?  Seriously, I was thinking about this last night, as the predictions came in, and this morning as the flakes flew.

Yesterday first thing in the morning the forecasters said snow showers for today.  As Id rove in to school yesterday, they said 1-3 inches.  On the way home they were saying 3-6.  Out my window right now I can see grass.  Maybe there is more to come?  No one ever claimed that meteorology was an exact science or anything….

But does anyone really like the snow?  My logic is that single people and kids, are the most likely to like it.  Students are probably fans.  But adults?  I am doubting it.  I am INCREDIBLE lucky that day care is open today.  Because when day care closes, I have to cancel classes.  Most adults have to figure things out when day care or schools close.  Very few of my mom friends with kids have a backup plan for snow days.  We need to!  But we don’t.  Because snow is predicted by non-exact scientists.  Come on world – you know how OCD I am.  I need advance notice to either have someone cover my class, create and put up a relevant online assignment, etc…  I we could have even just 24 hours notice on all weather related delays, that would be a huge help!

But the kids sure like it!

Sidney and Spencer were not really sure what to make of things when we left the house.  But then again, they were both sleepy from a bad night.  So they were mostly focused on getting strapped in and letting the car put them to sleep.

Emily on the other hand, loved it!

Rain boots, pink sweats, a green floral skirt, a pink apple sweater, and a smoothie – what more could a girl ask for?

She was playing outside at school before I even got the babies settled!

Today was also a special day for Em, because she got a treat in her lunch – veggie sticks.  We unearthed a bag of veggie sticks in the armoire.  I know I never bought it, I don’t buy this brand and I would NEVER buy a bag this big, no matter what the price was!  Seriously, it could be $1.00 and I would not buy it.  I can only assume it came to us during the Halloween party???  But check it out, it is HUGE!  Why am I sharing this?  Check out the words in the top left corner….  ug!


seriously???  I have no words…  First the unprecise science of snow and now this?  Most of the “sensible” portion in this bag will be tossed when they go stale.  And nope, it was not a bunch of individually portioned bags – this is really one enormous ironic bag.



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