the story of the pink jumper

Every day the kids do things that blow me away.  They are either super cute (ok, they are always super cute), or super sweet, or super funny…  Like the other day when Spencer gave Sidney hug after hug after hug, eventually knocking her over.  Or when Sidney grabs a book and brings it over to Emily to read to her.  Or when they just sit there.

One of my favorite dresses from Emily’s babyhood was a little pink and white striped denim jumper.  Emily is wearing it in some of my all time favorite pictures of her ( from way back in may 2011, that one portrait shot is enlarged and framed up on our mantle, LOVE it!).  Sidney just grew into it, so of course, photo shoot!

The patented cheesy Sidney smile is the funniest thing I have ever seen a toddler do.  I love it, but at the same time, come on, it is a bit freaky.  If you didn’t know how sweet and funny she can be (when she wants to be), it could come off as pretty scarey!

This is her cheesy smile on its way to becoming a laugh

And the rarely captured on film sweet smile.

But check out how cute she is in that jumper!  I am still struggling with light settings in indoor pictures.  I have not formally studied photography since high school (as in classes), but I have been reading and studying in all my copious amounts of free time.  And these pictures were taken in the sun room – a room with 3 walls of windows.  ALL windows.  And the shadows are horrible…  Sigh…. Needless to say, it is a work in progress and that is why there are no pictures of Sidney in this dress standing up (most are blurry because she does not like to stand still).  Yes, I am a perfectionist when it comes to pictures.  The background is so critical to me.  And yes, I likely need to lighten up on my incessant need for photographic perfection, especially in the winter months with terrible lighting… but I digress…

After photographing Sidney, I did some shots of Emily (this was the day she came to work with me), and then I heard what ever parent dreads on some level.  Silence.  Not good!

I found the babies in the downstairs bathroom.  I THOUGHT I had baby proofed it enough when I put the toilet paper holder up high.  Nope. (you can see it on the top of the cabinet, that and the candles on the top shelf were the only safe (and only breakable) things in the room).

They took everything off the shelves.  When we put in that cabinet, Emily was a toddler, so I never put on the knob to the lower part – good move!  They took down everything and examined it in detail.  That is a waffle next to Sidney.  She was more interested in the shelves than in her food – that in itself was shocking.  That blue thing is Spencer’s slipper.  While he worked to get his slipper back on, Sidney closed the bathroom door.

And voila!  A (slightly blurry around her feet and the top of her head) picture of Sidney standing in the cute jumper.  Maybe bathroom lighting is the way to go all winter?


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