a step back, to catch my breath

This week has been impossibly hard.  Monday was the worst, but it took us (me) several days to recover.  I won’t go into details, they are not important, and however many years from now, when the kids are reading about their childhood, will it mater that Spencer screamed himself senseless for 90 minutes while D missed his normal train was was late, etc…  In the grand scheme of things (now, not then, then it was a nightmare), does it matter that Spencer went to sleep around 8pm instead of his normal 6:30pm?  Will it matter that instead of going to sleep, he just screamed.  It was not fun.  And those aren’t even the details.  But we got through it, we always do.  Because that is the thing about twins (kids?).  You have days from hell.  You have perfect days.  You have everything in between.  But every morning is a brand new start.  And every morning starts with hugs.  The screams might start soon after, but at least you get that first hug in, and that helps.

So yesterday, after taking 3 days to mentally recover from Monday, I got the camera out again.  And celebrated my last day of classes!  Don’t misunderstand, now I have to write final exams, grade them, compute grades, etc…  and then I have about a dozen school related project for the winter break, but it is 5 or 6 weeks off and I am ready for it!  To celebrate the last day of classes, Emily came to school with me.

She chose her outfit very carefully.

Her huge twirly Hanukkah skirt, a blue sparkly t-shirt and a pretty white cardigan, with her bright colored striped tights and her boots.  And her ballet hair bow.  That is one well dressed preschooler!

Her sister and brother were well dressed to, but in more conventional outfits.

Sidney hugging Elmo (or as she calls him, Memo)

Spencer rocks blue fuzzy slippers like no one else can!

Spencer adores his slippers (Sidney won’t go within 10 feet of hers).  He loves them so much that he insists on wearing them over his footed pjs too. (FYI – Acorn booties, they are super soft and comfy and yes, come in adult sizes 🙂 )

Sidney has learned how to “play” the camera.  She when sees it, she flashes her toothy smile (which, to be honest, is a bit creepy looking but so cute at the same time).  Spencer has recently learned “cheese”.

Cheeeeese Mama!

And just because….  Not 5 minutes before I took this picture, the sun room was spotless, with every toy in its place.

Emily had a blast in my classes and the students ate up every minute of her being there!  To prepare for her visit, I found a bunch of Disney’s Frozen printable coloring pages, which thrilled Emily (the movie was part of her Hanukkah present).  My office is now completely covered in her art!

See that little wooden desk in the bottom right corner?  That is Emily’s desk.  I saw it in a back supply room and ran to ask the power that be if I could buy it off them or something!  They gave it to me flat out (so fabulously sweet!!), but I keep it in my office, in case anyone changes their minds 🙂  It will eventually be one of my winter projects.  I am thinking just coats and coats of polyurethane.

After work, we left campus to go out to lunch.  Emily ran a few quick laps.  I did not have time to adjust for the weird overcast lighting.

From the day she started running, Emily has always ran with her arms down and it is the cutest thing ever!  And that skirt makes it so much better!

(this is my trying to use the camera’s automatic settings to adjust the lighting…)

Unfortunately, while running, her leg apparently fell off.  That happens.  So we went to lunch.

Monday was a bad day.  I won’t try to sugar coat it.  But look at those smiles.  Smiles, hugs, pink skirts, legs falling off, it all makes things better.  Sometimes it just takes a few days to get 100% better.


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