Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

Every year I say, This was the best Thanksgiving ever.  So really, is it a surprise when I say that this was the best Thanksgiving ever?  But it was, the food (of course), the time with family, and I ate!

This Thanksgiving was very different from last year, and then again, not so much.  As usual it was all about family and food.  But no day with the kids is ever “usual” really.  Last Thanksgiving, at 4+ months, the babies took their first taste of pureed food (sweet potato and apple sauce)., this year they ate and ate and ate.  This year Hanukkah and Thanksgiving were combined into one giant day.

Hanukkah started last night and as usual, we kept it low key.  We have never done the whole 8 days (nights) of gifts thing, but then again, our kids are really young.

The kids enjoyed the candle lighting, but I don’t think they saw it as any different from any other candle lighting.  We light them most Friday nights.  It will be fun to try to get this kind of picture with all the candles lit though.

We saved gifts for Thursday morning.  Somehow the idea of giving presents right before bedtime seems wrong.  AS a follow up to my Hanukkah Rambling post, I did find gifts for the kids.  Emily got a fabulously huge twirly skirt and a dress up dress from Frozen (the new Disney movie).  Sidney got a Disney baby doll – baby Princess Aurora.  And for Spencer, a remote controlled car where you shake the wand and the car goes, you stop shaking and it stops.  D did get a toothbrush from Emily, a blue one


It was about 6am, that is why it is still so dark outside.  Ah, the life of early risers…

We spent Thanksgiving at the Grandparents and a great time was had by all.


Emily adores her new skirt.  It is crazy huge and fabulous for a 4 year old!  And amazingly twirly!  Meanwhile, the kids loved exploring and found where Grandma and Grandpa keep the liqueur.

This Thanksgiving I have been reflecting a lot.  I am go grateful for everything I have.  3 happy, healthy babies.  Every day I say a prayer of thanks to Dr. Delpret for safely delivery Sidney to us.  I am grateful for my children’s spirits.  Emily is so funny, sweet, and creative.  She is the best big sister ever and my best friend.  Every night we talk about our day and I thank her for being my best friend.  I could never get through raising twins with her help, spirit, hugs, and smile.  Spencer is my cuddlebug.  He has been since birth and hopefully always will be.  He loves his books, sleeping friends (Eeyore and the pink bear), trucks, and hiding.  Sidney is the most spirited girl ever!  She loves to cuddle her stuffed friends and now her very own baby dolls, and has more focus than any toddler on earth!  She is very goal oriented.  And she will scream like a banshee when she is mad, or when Spencer takes her toys.  And lastly, I am grateful for D.  My best friend, my soul mate, my partner.  Who puts up with me bringing home stray pieces of furniture, making crazy kid friendly concoctions for dinner, or falling asleep at 8:30.

It feels weird to have 2 holidays wrapped up in one.  Or maybe it is nice to get both over with so fast.  Regardless I wish for my babies the same as I wish for them every other day – happiness, giggles, and health.  The sweetest part of my day is when I check on them at night.  Seeing all three snuggled in their beds makes my heart happy.  I love brushing Emily’s hair back off her face so I can kiss her forehead or cheek.  I love rubbing Spencer’s back gently while he sleeps.  I love gently stroking Sidney’s peach fuzz like hair while she cuddles her giraffEE.  The nights are the sweetest.

This Thanksgiving I am also thankful for all the babies have taught me.  Watching them learn and grow is an honor and a treat.  Every day is a chance for them to learn something new.  And I can’t wait to see what they learn tomorrow.


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