Hanukkah stream of consciousness (rambling)

The world makes a huge deal out of Christmas, either because of the religious, or (I suspect) because of the commercialization.  I love Christmas time so much!  The smells, the lights, the good cheer…  I believe in the concept of a Santa.  Emily also enjoys this time of year and we choose one evening to take a drive in pajamas and look at all the lights.  She is already asking when we are taking our drive.  Hanukkah is a fun time too, but it is just not a big deal.  It is fun to give gifts to our family and friends, but I have never seen Hanukkah as a really big deal.  And with Hanukkah hours away, I really should think about getting the kids gifts or something,

And boy am I stuck on gifts!  I mean really stuck!  Friends have given me all sorts of idea for Emily, and I am sure she would love them, but I just can’t bring myself to buy them.  For example, her best little girlfriend has a Disney (of course) Princess (of course!) doll house snap on clothes set that is a huge hit.  And I know Emily would love it.  But where do we put it to keep tiny baby hands off it?  And then I worry that I am depriving Emily because of those tiny baby hands (and mouths).  Plus, they don’t NEED anything.  Emily and I just rescued a beautiful baby doll crib and high chair off freecycle.   Gorgeous dark wood in fabulous condition and the crib even has a storage cabinet under it.  Emily is in heaven!  What more does she need?  And when I got an email asking about gifts for the kids I offered suggestions in the form on what I planned to buy.  oops!

Wednesday night we will light our candles.  The kids will love that I know.  But they will likely see it as comparable to the Friday night candles.  And we will read Hanukkah books, but we read lots of books every night.  I want to make this night special.  And that is, I guess, where gifts come in.    So today, with Hanukkah approaching, I am leaving work a bit early and hitting the mall.  And I am NOT excited about it.  I am not a fan of stores this time of year.  The crowds annoy me, the dry, stuffy air, the pushing, etc…  I need time to think, reflect, find the perfect, likely non-existent gift.  And let’s not even get started on the fact that I have no ideas for a gifts for D.  Emily has suggested time and time again that we get him a toothbrush.  A blue one mommy because boys like blue.

I did ask Emily’s teacher this morning for suggestions and she said “a mop”.  Apparently Emily loves to play with the toy mop.  At home she pretends her broom is a mop.  The babies also love the broom.  Do I get the kids 3 little mops and just let them keep my hardwood floors dust free?  Or is that cheating?

3 mops and a toothbrush.  And I can’t even blame it on Santa….

What do I want for Hanukkah?  Happy, Healthy kids.  I want a fabulous family picture.  I want that fabulous picture of all three kids.  I want to keep enjoying the laughter, the giggles, the hiding.  The babies take turns hiding behind me and them popping out to say boo.  Sidney knows all her animal sounds.  And Spencer just wants to cuddle and read a book.  I want the life I have.  I have it all!

And I have outtakes…  These are from a series I tried for holiday cards.  Nothing that I wanted to put on the card, but some fun shots nonetheless.


(LOVE this last shot so much!  But I got better pictures for the cards 🙂 )

And last night, both babies in their monkey pajamas, with their lamb pacifiers that I assume they will use to go to sleep for the rest of their lives (in our defense I have never tried to take them away…), and their best friends.  Sidney’s GiraffEE and Spencer has adopted Eeyore and pink bear as his sleeping friends.

Speaking of last night (and since this is such a rambly post, why not?), I went to check on the kids around 10 last night.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching them sleep.  Everyone was good and comfy and sleeping soundly.  Then, while I was watching, Sidney moaned and opened her eyes and saw me and just stared.  And then I smelled it.  Sigh.  As an infant, I could change her diaper with waking her up.  I got this diaper changed (with D’s help) without a peep out of her and then she curled up in my arms, staring up at me, and relaxing.  When I whispered, Sidney, want to go night-night, she was so tired, she could barely shake her head no, but she tried.  Then she went back to sleep, cuddling giraffEE, with a nice clean bottom.


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