photo shoot

A few weeks ago, Emily and I took a weekend with my side of the family and she got some quality time with her cousin down there.  It was a lot of fun for her and I to travel together and get away for a few days.  I am thinking she and I would probably enjoy Paris next!

While we were there, I got a chance to do a family photo shoot for my brother’s family.  It was so much fun to photograph the kids together, I can’t wait until Spencer and Sidney are old enough for this…  (Ethan is about 6 months older than the twins) But somehow I wish I could freeze Em in time while they catch up a bit….  Anyway, here are some shots of Emily with and without cousin Ethan from that gorgeous fall day.




I love doing outside shots with kids who are old enough to cooperate!  The twins are still in that stage where you point the camera and pray.  And generally Sidney moves too fast to cooperate.  Or there is not enough time to set up shots and check light settings, etc.  I was able to spend time setting up each shoot and love being able to take the time.  I also spent a lot of time working on the setting for the backgrounds.  Some backgrounds are crisp, others blurry.  Each one was a conscious decision.  I used the first shot, of Emily and Ethan walking down the street (with a total of 3 adults on guard!) to get the “pre-woods” lighting just right.  Then I set up a second light setting for in the woods.   The babies never give me that much time.  I think part of what I loved about this photo shoot was that I used lots of the features of the camera, not just the “auto” feature, which generally disappoints me.  But with babies and poor lighting, the auto feature becomes more acceptable…

See, here are some pictures of the twins, shot on auto.  They are nice and cute and fun, but not at the same level with the pictures of Emily and Ethan….


See how Spencer (who rocks a pink chair the same way he rocked a pink bouncy seat!) is sort of washed out.  I should (would?) have corrected the lighting there but I did not (have?) take the time to play with the settings, he was climbing up and down too fast.

I did play with light settings for this shot, but the ones with better lighting are not as cute.  Photography rule – any picture of twins (or kids) hugging trumps lighting!


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