How to potty train twins

The way I see it, potty training twins will happen when they say it will happen.  But Spencer is showing signs of, what I can only assume, is interest…


He has a blast!  He took all that toilet paper off the roll and then carefully, and methodically, shredded it.

For the record, here is Emily at 16 months (the same age), also unrolling the roll of toilet paper.

Perhaps Sidney is too smart for this game?  Or perhaps she is not at all interested in potty training, ever…  She does, however, nod or shake her head when i ask if she needs a new diaper.  This morning I asked if she needed a new diaper (as if the, um, scent did not give her away), and nodded, and took my hand, and we walked together to the changing table.

(this also shows my need for one large bath rug, because I am not a fan of the two mismatched, small ones….)


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