I did it!!  I cannot believe it but it finally happened!!

The hardest part of my afternoon is getting everyone into the house.  I bring in one baby while Emily hangs out in the car with the other one.  Baby #1 goes into the house, jacket off, down to play and starts to cry for mama.  With tears rolling down a little face I have to turn and run to the car to get baby #2.  I yell for Emily to run in to keep baby #1 company while running back to the car.  She jumps out and I unstrap baby #2 and run in.  By then, baby #1 is at or near the door, crying.  I take the jacket off baby #2, put that one down and reach for baby #1.  Baby #2 starts to cry.  It takes a while to get everyone happy again.  It is the worst part of my day.

But today it was different. The woman who lives across the street was having her driveway repaved.  If I had my way, she would do this daily!

They all sat and stared, entranced!

I took all of our stuff in, grabbed the camera, and made my dreams come true!

They are not smiling, but they are all looking in my direction (or at the big trucks behind me), and I love it!  This is as close to perfection as it comes.

And speaking of perfection.  The other night, while living my computer free existence (I am now using a loaner while they buy me a new one), the kids and I spent the evening playing Ring Around the Rosie.  It was so much fun!  Emily and I both take a hand from each baby.  Spencer alternates playing on his feet (he is starting to cruise) and on his knees and Sidney yells DOWN at the end.


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