What do you do with pumpkins?

After our visit to the pumpkin patch, we ended up with 3 gorgeous pumpkins on our front steps.  They look great.  But the kids thought something was missing.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and we decided to play outside after school.  I brought out the box of chalk and the kids had a great afternoon of “dot dots”.  In the infant room, the babies take markers and do “dot dot”, which is to say they take markers and make dots on the papers.  The kids love it.  At home we do our “dot dots” with chalk on the brick walk.


But after a while, they start looking for other things to “dot dot” on.


Enter the pumpkins, the perfect solution to the problem.


I would have never considered chalk on a pumpkin.  Who knew?  Last year we melted crayons on our pumpkin, so I guess this was a logical step, but for some reason, it never occurred to me.


But they loved it and had a blast and after a good rain,we had a blank canvas to start all over – score!

At this point in the post I had planned to include pictures of the kids playing in the leaves.  I got some gorgeous shots of Sidney playing in the yeard and visiting our well (and saying wawa by the well, how does my 16 month old know what a well is already?).  Then I had drafted a Halloween post.  I took pictures of all thre kids in costume with the side woods as a backdrop.  Gorgeous fall colors, leaves everywhere, and a butterfly, a fairy princess and a dragon all sitting my a cauldron.  That was the plan.

Then my hard drive failed.  I took it to IT and not only did it fail, it retired forever.  And it took with it everythng.  All my work is gone.  OK, I can recreated that, not a huge deal.  But all the Halloween pictures and the drafted posts are gone.  And the irony is that it all disappeared forevery Thursday night.  I took the pictures Saturday.  I backup every Friday.  Sigh….  My heart breaks for one picture.  Gorgeous Spencer in a dragon costume, sitting the leaves, with the fall colors behind him, smiling great big and waving.

For now, I took more Halloween shots on the kids at the school Halloween party and those will suffice.  Sidney ripped off her butterfly the second the previous pictures were taken, so we wore Emily’s old cat costume instead.  So our next post will be in a while.  I have no computer (typing this on my parents laptop), and will get a loaner Monday at work, but no timeline yet on my own replacement laptop.

So for now, think of us as daylight savings approaches….


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