Say Cheese

Sidney is now very aware of the camera.  She has complete control of every single picture.  She decides if I get a pretty smile, a stare, or her new cheesy smile.

I took these three pictures in rapid succession one morning at school.


The three smiles of Sidney – the nice smile, the sweet smile and then the cheesy smile.  She does this all the time now.  Every time she sees the camera.  When she is in the mood that is.  And she flips between these smiles and her serious, studious, skeptical face all the time.  You don’t get a Sidney smile often or easily, unless you earn it.   But once you learn how to earn it, you might just earn a cheesy smile too.  I love all three of her smiles!

Oh and the mark under her left eye is from a fall.  Sidney falls a lot.  A LOT.  Every day in her world is a new opportunity to fall, and then after cuddles, to smile.


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