Pumpkin Picking

It would not be fall without the requisite trip to the pumpkin patch, both for decorative and photographic reasons.  We were all set to go.  We picked our day, a gorgeous fall day with crisp air and a perfect blue sky.  I dressed everyone in the perfect outfits.  and we got these early to avoid crowds, meal time and nap time.

The perfect recipe for success, right?

sigh….  yet another failed attempt to get a picture of all three kids all looking at me in one picture.  This trend is getting old.

We started off in the decorative pumpkin patch.  it is all set up with hale bales, gourdes, etc and so cute!

Sidney went first and did pretty well.

She started off unsure of things.  This is her standard “let me check out the situation and judge it and then I will elt you know if I find it to be acceptable” face.  But I like the lighting, the set up, the contrast….

She deemed things acceptable!

Then I added Spencer into the mix.  Suddenly Sidney was back to her “checking things out” face.  And Spencer looks like he is doubting the mental capacity of whoever he is staring at (likely D trying to make him smile….).

Sidney soon lost interest and Spencer moved on to judge other people.

So why not add Emily to the mix?

Emily is all scrunched weird in a strange effort to be the same height as the babies and Sidney’s eyes are mostly closed.  Oh well.  At least I got some really nice shots of Sidney.

From the decorative area, we moved to the corn pit.  This was SO COOL!  It was a huge area surrounded by hale bales and filled with dried corn.  And it was fairly deep too.

Spencer liked the corn pit a lot more than the decorative area.


But what was there not to love.  It was fabulous! It felt like a whole body massage while playing with the kids.


But we did not go pumpkin picking only for pictures and the giant corn pit.  We needed pumpkins!  Thankfully, they had lots of pumpkins to choose from.

D wisely grabbed a wagon while we were do-corning ourselves.  It gave the kids a great view of the pumpkins, provided a place to put said pumpkins, and gave our arms a rest from carrying people.



Emily proved to be an expert pumpkin picker, although we did have to limit her to three, because she had plans to load up that wagon and kept asking us to take the kids out to make more room.

Some final exploration of the grounds led to Emily’s photo shoot.


So now I have neat fall pictures of each child individually.  And three gorgeous pumpkins decorating my front steps.  Not a bad trip to the pumpkin patch all things considered.


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