Rejection a good thing

Well, it is official.  We got rejected by the Olympic “Standing There Team”.

Dear Miss Sidney Paige S—–,

We regret to inform you that you do not qualify for the United States Olympic Standing There Team.  Recent events have shown us that you would not be a good fit for the team.

Good luck in your future endeavors,


Can you believe that?  Rejecting my little baby girl???  Sigh…  I guess we had it coming after they saw this….

This is the best video I could get.  But it is all there.  My baby girl, born 4 pounds 4 ounces, 5 weeks early, the baby who went into distress and was born limp.  That tiny baby girl WALKED!  She can take 3 little steps.  And if prompted, and in the mood, she will stand up and walk over to me.  So far I am her only target, but I assume that in a few days she will be walking everywhere, at top speed.

I am so blown away by this little girl.  I was not conscious when we nearly lost her (thank goodness!) and every day I am so thankful to Dr. Delpret for everything, especially my baby girl.  She is headstrong.  Stubborn.  Determined.  She will stare you down with a stare that I swear is almost evil.  But once she gets to know you, she will shower you with love.  She cuddles every baby doll and stuffed friend in the house.  She hugs them and pats their backs.  She hugs me and pats my back.  She is going to take over the world someday, only now, instead of crawling towards the world, she will run towards it, at full speed.  I need to hide a lot of things now.

I am so proud of my bay girl.


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