Because you can drive at 16

Well, technically, you can drive when you are 16 years old.  But on Friday the babies will be 16 months, so it is sort of the same thing, right?

We were at a party one weekend and I wandered outside to see Sidney driving a car.

Meanwhile, Spencer was with me and big sister was with the other kiddos, painting pumpkins

As we were getting ready to leave, the babies hung out in a wagon to give Emily time to bid her friends farewell.

The following weekend, while Emily was riding her bike, Spencer got his turn to drive.  He loves it!  He turns the wheel and beeps the horn and smiles great big!

The good news is that we got Emily a car at a tag sale 2 or 3 years ago.  Then a few months back I saw a second one on freecycle and snapped it up.

So now the kids (and steering adults because come on, their little feet do not even come close to reaching the ground) can have drive by conversations

The bad news – we only have 2 cars.and until a few weeks ago, that was plenty.  Now all three kids love playing in the car.   This could be problematic.


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