This was all ONE weekend – Sunday

Part one of this post is here.

And by the way, this is post #500, wow!

Anyway, when we last saw our heros they had spend one day doing ballet and visiting a farm.  (not blogged about was dinner out at PF Changs – very funny story – the babies do “dot dot” at school, which is to say, they make dot with crayons on paper.  We went to PFC early to avoid crowds and the kids had fun.  They did “dot dot”and enjoyed it so much that they started saying “dot dot”, then calling “dot dot”, then yelling “dot dot”.  But not crying and everyone said they were cute, so it is all good).  Sidebar over.

Sunday was a gorgeous day and we needed more apples, so we went to get some.

The macouns were perfect!    We picked those and Jonna Macs and the kids are still enjoying them almost 2 weeks later!

The apple trees are the perfect place to hide.  This farm (Beardsley Cider Mill and Orchard for local people) grows dwarf trees, so Emily can reach everything and the kids could see everything.

For every nice picture we have a silly picture.  I love these!  But notice that in Emily’s left hand is a half eaten apple and the one in her right hand was “on deck” and freshly picked from that exact tree.  I did pack a picnic lunch, but the kids just wanted to eat the apples.  Ironically, I packed snacks, applesauce and apple yogurt (no, I dd not plan it that way….)

Apple picking is a family tradition.  Last year’s trip to this orchard I wore Sidney and D carried Spencer in the infant seat.  This year I wore Sidney and D pushed Spencer in the baby jogger single stroller.

Sidney was only interested in her caterpillar toy and her apple.    The problem with the babies eating apples is that they would drop them and while I let them eat off our floors at home, I was not going to pick up an apple for the dirt and give it to them.  We, um, lost 2 or 3 apples each….  I can only assume this is the last time I will ever wear Sidney for apple picking.  She is nearly 17 lbs and that is a lot on my back, but I HAVE to assume someone will be walking by next fall.

D liberated Spencer from the stroller (Sidney refused to go in) and they picked a few apples together.

(D gave Sidney a turn too….)

After we pay we like to sit on a platform where you can watch them pressing apples into cider.  and of course, glutton for punishment that I am, I tried for a picture.

D was behind me trying to make the babies smile.  I THINK that accounts for the very odd expression on Sidney’s face.  Another mom was nearby and I heard her say, “look, she has all three sitting together and I can’t eve get both of mine to sit still”.  That was nice to hear but I wish they were all smiling.  Still, the babies are rocking the Minnie/Mickey outfits from cousin Danielle.

Emily went back to watch them make cider and I tried a few of just the babies.

(these super cute Micky Minnie outfits were a birthday gift from cousin Danielle)

That afternoon we played outside

Point taken – Sidney is tired of the camera 🙂

wardrobe change due to lunch…. Spencer has had a lot of fun lately playing with baseball bats

Emily and I capped off the busy weekend by making potato chips to have with dinner, these are a HUGE hit in our house!  We did one batch of green herb and onion and one batch of barbeque.

It was a fabulous weekend and it was only about 2 weeks ago now…  So I am still working on getting that perfect shot of all three kids.  Next try – pumpkin patch….



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