This was all ONE weekend, Saturday

A few weekends ago we combined all of our favorite activities into 2 cram packed days.  Saturday we had ballet class followed by a trip to our favorite farm.  And Sunday we went apple picking.  Ballet, the farm and apples.  A perfect weekend

Emily did gymnastics for about a year.  She liked it, we liked it.  The curriculum was good, the teachers were GREAT, but the time was terrible – Saturday from 11:30-12:30 (or was it 11-12? either way, bad timing in our world).  So we stopped that class in May, took the summer off and started ballet in the fall. I am fairly sure the ballet obsession was primarily wardrobe driven, but regardless, she is happy, she is learning, it is all good.  But she does love that ballet outfit (complete with hair bow).

Practicing pointing our toes

Eventually toe pointing turns into dancing and spinning

the world’s most gorgeous “ballet girl”

Emily loves ballet class.  They do tap, ballet and end up with some dress up/ballet time.  One week the girls (there are no boys in her class and I have never seen any in the school) all put on dress up dresses and tiara and rode stick horses with their toes pointed.  It was adorable.  Em’s favorite part is the tap, but so far, whew, no tapping in the house (and no tap shoes or ballet shoes outside!).

After ballet, lunch, and naps, we headed out to the farm, which is one of favorite things to do.  It is always fun to see how the animals change and grow as time goes on.   And it is fun to make new animal friends.

Our least favorite part of the farm are the hills!  This is the one area that is not paved and Emily had to help D get that double stroller all the way up!

But we HAD to tackle that  hill, because we had to see our friend at the top

This time he was napping and too far away for petting, but still worth the trip up the hill.

And once we got up that hill, Emily took over on stroller detail.

This stretch is our favorite!  The kids love seeing the goats!  Spencer has always liked them, from the first trip – goats and sheep.  Especially the playful baby goats!

We kept circling back to these guys.  I really wish we could have seen all three get up on that spool, or get back down again, but they hung out there all day.  Somehow the three goats kept reminding me of my three kids, expect these three were all still for a picture and mine are generally not.  Then again, one goat is looking at me, one to the side and one is facing backwards – maybe that is exactly what I relate to!

The flowers in the gardens are always just amazing and the day we went, the fall flowers were in full bloom.

The farm is also a silly place.  And even though the kids didn’t “get” it, this cracked D and I up 🙂

Over near the chickens (a huge hit, Sidney was especially fascinated by the roosters), was an old wagon.  Perfect for a silly picture because it had a big hole in the bottom, which ruled out any attempts to photograph all three kids (get it, baby goats, kids?) together.

After the farm, we headed over to the playground.  I let the kids out of the stroller, as I always do, but today, Sidney was not feeling it.  She sat in my lap and looked around.   This made it hard to photograph her,  but I got one of Spencer

Then we headed into the woods.  Last time we were there, the babies and I found the Wheels in the Woods trail and wanted to share it with D and Emily.  Em loved it!

On the way out, she and D sat on the bench to wait for us to catch up.

(by the way, that is the ballet hair bow in her hair….)

This was all ONE day!

So, stay tuned for Sunday – apple picking….


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