The great sock debate

Sidney does not like socks.  Socks and bibs.  She hates them both.  Loudly, passionately, defiantly hates them.  Day care finds this to be frustrating, because she is not always the neatest eater.  They have tried putting larger shirts over her outfit but she hates that as well.  Loudly.

Every so often, I will try to put socks on Sidney’s cute little feet.  She is never happy about it.  She used to be fine, until she started experimenting with cruising.  And now, don’t even think about it!  Socks, booties…  once I tried shoes and I am still emotionally cruised by her reaction to that one!  And really, it is not a big deal because bare feet is best for development and learning to walk, etc…

But bare feet is NOT best for playing outside at day care.  I do let her explore the lawn and driveway at home barefoot but they don’t like that at school, which I agree with.  Phone calls from school area always pretty amusing (remember when Spencer bit his sister??).  The other day, I called to check in and spoke again to the infant room head teacher.  She told me that they were still working on Sidney and socks.  Apparently they put them on her to go outside and Sidney as LIVID.  She took them off, the teachers put them on, lather, rinse, repeat….  Until Sidney got sick of the cycle.  She took off her socks, threw them, and race crawled into the playhouse and shut the door behind her!  Is it wrong that I was doubled over laughing at that?  Go Sidney!  At 15 months she can already fight for what she feels is right.  I am so proud of her!  Uh oh….

Good lord, parenting this child will be interesting….

But today we had a breakthrough!

On a whim I put Spencer’s booties from last winter on her little feet.

and she allowed it!  These are super soft terry cloth booties with soft bottoms.  I got them last winter because they were not wearing shoes and it was cold.  Mostly, the babies work footed sleep and plays, so they are still in great shape.  And I have 2 pairs, one in pink and one in blue.  As long as she allows it, and as long as they don’t hinder her ability to learn to walk (then again….), we are good.

I put them on Sidney at about 6:45 this morning and as off 8:10 when I left them  in the infant room and went to Emily’s classroom, they were still on her feet.

I count this as a parenting win!

And for fun…. Here is when Emily learned to put on her own socks.


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