An Eat-In Kitchen

When D and first talked about building in the kitchen, we knew exactly what we wanted – a silverware drawer and more cabinets and counters.  We debated (at length) whether the wrap around portion should be counter high for the additional counter space, or bench height for seating.  We worked with a fabulous designer who, I think, needed convincing that we did not want a table in the kitchen.  All the early drawings had a table built in.  It did not come out into the room too much, but it is such a small room, that it felt too intrusive to me.  Then he tried bar stools at a counter high cabinet.  And it still did not feel right.  In the end, we went with the bench seating and we use the bench all the time.  It was a good choice and I do not regret it.  Besides, more counter space leads to more clutter right?

But it turns out that a table in the kitchen is a PERFECT idea!  Just not the built in, adult height one our designer had originally proposed.

I have been struggling with dinner time lately.  The babies are developmentally at that stage were they are learning so much that sitting through a meal is next to impossible.  And they are not interested in it anyway.  So, this morning, for breakfast, I pulled Emily’s play table into the kitchen and set up three plates and 3 cups (2 straw sippy, one regular).  Breakfast was a normal breakfast – eggs scrambled with milk, goat cheese and fresh chives.

Sidebar – I love the way chives smell.  Now that it is colder out, we planted chives and they are living in the greenhouse window.  The kitchen always has a faint chivy smell now (yum!), but whenever I cut chives it smells SO SO good!  Wow, can you imagine how terrible it would be if the three kids were NOT all onion lovers?  shudder!

Anyway, 1/3 of the eggs on each plate and I stepped back to observe.

Emily ate her eggs, Spencer ate his eggs, and Sidney traveled the table, sampling from every plate.  Quite a few times I had to put eggs from her original plate onto another plate.  But it worked.


the beginning – see how clean everything still is?

All three kids ate and ate and ate, and all three kids wandered off from time to time, but never for long.

Left all alone by his sisters…

such a gorgeous man!

Sidney had not left Spencer, she as just worked her way around to the other side of the table, and Emily’s plate.

everyone is eating, not too many eggs on the floor…. this is good.

Um, she also found Emily’s fork.  And while I am not a fan of babies using adult forks (those pointy tines and tiny eyes petrify me!), but she used that fork and used it well.  And then I took it away.


But I didn’t need to worry because Emily was hovering the whole time Sidney was using her fork.    I love how Emily protects and looks out for her sister and brother!

(notice that she has her fork back 🙂

After those 3 eggs, the kids shared 2 waffles and a banana.  And then Em asked me to make two more eggs (just as before with goat cheese, milk and fresh chives), both of which were inhaled.

Yes, a few times, Spencer left the table to play with a toy puppy.  At one point Sidney peeked under the table to check things out.  And no one ended up in the same place that they started, but the kids enjoyed it and ate really well.  maybe I have found a way to merge child development with food, finally!

Whenever kids eat the floor takes a hit.  That is a given.  And scrambled egg is a pain to clean off the floor.  And somehow Sidney got Emily’s non-sippy water cup and we had ourselves a little puddle.  But it all worked and I am happy.  But will it work again?  Tonight is Salmon with a mango honey barbeque sauce.  Cross your fingers that dinner goes as well as breakfast did, because there is a part of me that hates that the kids eat standing up when we should all be sitting around the table together….

Right now the kitchen is perfectly clean, just waiting for the kids to eat dinner and mess it up again.  It looks fabulous.  It has everything we want – the bench, the silverware drawer and a table.  It is no where near the table style our designer suggested.  It is much better 🙂



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