We have been super busy around here! – the crafty version

In the past few weeks we have been so busy!  Busy enough that I really need to do two posts – one on all the crafty stuff we have been up to and one on everything else.   And when I say busy, I mean BUSY!  (not too busy that I will let the big exciting news slip out, not yet, not until we have official confirmation/verification/whatever, I just want that confirmation to happen stress free.  In all honesty I meant to lock that post, but forgot, I simply want that date preserved here in this baby book.  Sidebar over…)  Anyway, we have been super busy and here are all the crafty things we have been up to.

Emily must have hit another growth spurt because suddenly her favorite dress was too short.  So one Friday I picked Emily up at school early and we went fabric shopping (and out to lunch).  We got enough fabric to lengthen one dress, 3 skirts, make 2 chairs, and a few extra pieces for later projects.  I have a serious fabric addiction going on here!  Those of you who know our family in real life, this fabric addiction is not unlike my mother in law’s scrapbook paper addiction, which we will get to soon…  Anyway, Emily and I went fabric shopping.  SO.  MUCH.  FUN.    The plan was to take a picture of all the fabric and trimming we bought.  Yeah, oops….  But Emily and I had so much fun picking fabrics.  Debating which colors we liked, which matched better, which were too much (and to expensive…).

Craft #1 – lengthening Emily’s favorite dress

I wanted yellow fabric with white dots, to match the yellow and white daisies.  I wanted to make it into a ruffle.  But the yellow with white dots we found was just somehow not right.  And then Emily found the perfect light green ruffled trim.

This is not the best picture, but it shows the light green ruffled trim.  I think it looks a bit like nightgown trim, but Emily loves it and really, that is all that matters.  She tells anyone and everyone that she helped mommy make her dress and that she picked out the trim.

Craft #2 and #3 – lengthening skirts

I love Gymboree clothes.  They are just so cute and wear really well.  And since I buy most of the kids clothes at tag sales, we can get a lot of Gymboree stuff.  At the spring Mothers of Multiples tag sale I got Em a couple of adorable Gymboree skirts in 3T.  We are starting to move into 4T but the skirts still fit.  In the waist.  These skirts are like 3 inches long.  Not acceptable!  Even with tights they are way too short.  Easy fix.

skirt #1

For some reason it looks longer here than it really is.  I think that this may have been taken before I readjusted the waist, thereby shortening it just a bit.  I know kids are wearing long dresses and skirts but for little girls, I am a fan of knee length.  All of the long dresses Emily got as a baby and toddler were shortened.  And now here I am lengthening them!  Anyway, for this skirt, I added the green trim on the bottom.  It is a super cute pattern of birds wearing hats and just fun.  It also coordinates really well with the Gymoree flowers and dots.

Skirt #2 was another story.

This skirt was layers of ruffles and very daunting.

(I needed this type of close up for the other 2!)  But I love the way it came out!

I added the purple row.  And by the way, that purple fabric has sparkles, butterflies and dragonflies and is so cute!  But check out the skirt – with the added 2-3 inches it comes just to the top of her knees.  Gymboree, what are you THINKING with skirts that short????  Before there is no way she is wearing it that short!  But now it is fabulous and we love it.  It is not quite as ruffly as the other tiers but it totally works.


Picture 2 is a ballet pose because Emily is now in ballet class and picture 3 is crazy pose.  We have been doing a lot of those lately.  She loves them and they are so much fun.

Crafts #4 and #5 – more chairs

When Emily and I went fabric shopping for her clothes, we also needed chair fabric.

This little guy, and a friend, came to us via Freecycle and just needed a little love.  Generally I paint freecycle chairs black, and each gets a fun, bright, chair pad.  With all the chairs pushed in around the table, the seat pads are irrelevant and you can’t see them.  So why not have fun?  Besides So easy to change!

But this guy is not my style for the dining table and just really seemed to want to be used for playing.  Right now he is hanging out in the corner of the stone room to be a spare chair, but once more little people are ready for chairs, he will live in the basement.  Emily picked out this fun fabric and then I went with green apple paint.

The green is not quite right, but I wanted to use spray paint and that limited my choices a lot.  Then again, as indecisive as I can be with color, maybe limitations are a good thing.

Another silly pose, but this picture also shows the trim on Emily’s favorite dress.

Chair #2

How do I not have a “before” shot?  It was a brown wood chair with a light blue seat.  This guy came with the apple chair from the same freecycler and Emily picked it out as her chair.  And picked out the fabric herself.  Bright pink with sparkles and hearts.


She loves it and it is very comfortable.  And easy enough to change the fabric once she changes her mind.  (very very easy thanks to my fabric hoarding!).  And with all the chairs painted black, the seat covers are really irrelevant.  With all the chairs pushed in, you can’t tell.

Craft #6 (see i told you we have been busy, and this is JUST the crafty stuff…) – calendar revamp

Back when the babies were tiny babies , I made this command center calendar.  I still love it.  But I tried so hard to make it gender neutral because it was (is) for the whole family.   I got over that.  The other problem was that I found one sheet of scrapbook paper that was divided into 6 or 8 4×6 squares, so I didn’t really pick all the colors/patterns myself.

Enter mother in law and her obsession with scrapbook paper.  YAY.  Picking out papers was so much fun!  I wanted pretty, fun, and light – the darker papers were fun to look at, but harder to read.   I could have spent hours in her scrapbook room!

And the result is that we now have the same fabulous, fabulously useful, cute, functional, calendar, but now the backgrounds are MUCH prettier.  I am still debating the “Our Week” paper.  That may change, it may not…

Craft #7 – TBD

My next project will be this guy.  When I got it, my plan was to put it in the basement and use a tension rod between it and the wall to hang up our dress up clothes.  Then the drawers can hold accessories, etc.  And that is still the plan.  I think.  I am leaning towards painting it, but not yet.  I am waiting for it to talk to me.  Do you ever have furniture talk to you?  This little guy needs to let me know what exactly he wants and he hasn’t yet.  S this weekend Emily and I rearranged the sun room, both in an effort to keep the babies away from her art table and to see if maybe some of the toys could go in the basement and the dress up corner could go in the sun room.  The room looks good now, but nothing went into the basement but a box of baby toys.  So right now, he is patiently sitting in the stone room, waiting for his turn to be a craft.  Because he would also make a great craft cabinet.  drawers for paint, for papers, for markers and crayons, pipe cleaners and clothes pins, etc….

Up next, a recap of our busy lives with ballet class, a visit to our favorite farm, and another apple picking trip.

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2 thoughts on “We have been super busy around here! – the crafty version

  1. Wow, I never thought of lengthening my girls’ dresses with trim and I absolutely need to. They’re tall and slim and this would be a great way to extend the lifespan of their clothes. Of course I’m not exactly crafty but hopefully I can pull it off

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