Choose your own adventure

I was at work today when I got a call from the day care.  Specifically from the infant room.  From the head teacher.  She was calling to tell me that there had been an incident.

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books?  I loved those when I was a kid.  The premise was kind of cool.  You would read a page and then at the bottom were 2 questions.  If you wanted X to happen, turn to one page and if you wanted Y to happen, turn to another page.  Needless to say, the stories were pretty short, but I loved the options and having a small amount of control in the story.  I remember one day, reading the book straight through as if it was a “regular” book.  I found that to be hilarious.

So anyway, Miss L called to say that my baby girl had been bitten by another child.  She said it was not serious, the bite did not draw blood or even break the skin, and Sidney was fine, but she wanted to let me know.


Come on, she is so little and sweet and funny.   She gets ridiculously excited over little silly things and she hugs baby dolls.  Why would anyone want to bite this baby girl?  OK, yes, I eat her feet every day, at least once a day, but I never bite.  Well it turns out she was sitting, playing nicely, enjoying the gorgeous day, and enjoying the toy she was playing with.  When along came this giant bully of a child who wanted the toy.  Sidney refused.  Child tried again.  Sidney pulled it away.  Child bit her arm.

But this is the impressive part.  Sidney did not cry.  Apparently she gave that child a withering stare before the teacher brought her inside for ice and cuddled and a solid arm inspection.  I so wish I had a picture of that withering stare.

Here is where you chose your own adventure.  If you want to read about the bully, scroll down.  If you want to read about my son, scroll down.

Once I was assured that Sidney was fine, I asked Miss L one question.  “Miss L, do you need to hang up now and call me back to tell me my son bit another child?”.


yes, Spencer is the bully in question.


yep, it is true.  The baby boy, the tiny baby boy, who can stand and get down all by himself (this is new, he could stand but only recently figured out how to get back down).  Who loves to play hide and seek in the princess tent and finds it hysterical when I can’t find him in there.  Who is my cuddlebug.  That tiny baby boy is the big giant bully who bit my daughter.

I am not sure how to react to this.  I told Miss L to not bother writing up an accident report, but now I wonder what it would say.  My favorite accident report so far is one that Sidney got a few months back. “Sidney was crawling and lost control”.  That cracks me up every time.  But what would this one say?  Sidney was playing and a big giant bully bit her?  And then Spencer bit a defenseless child who was playing nicely?

Having twins is more of an adventure than anyone needs.

But here is the thing.  Every morning on the way to school, Emily plays with the babies in the car.  And she is always telling Spencer “no bites” and “no pinches”.  Because how else can kids play when they ae all strapped into car seats?

Sigh…  if only he would listen to his big sister….


His crazy, funny, silly, wacky big sister.

At what age do babies learn to share?  This afternoon, they argued over a wiffle ball bat.  There are a lot of toys in time out right now.


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