Pictures of all three kids

I so badly want a great picture of all 3 kids.  All looking at me.  All smiling.  I don’t see that picture in  my future…  But I have been trying so hard!

trial 1 – in their easy chairs.

Emily smiling so sweetly, Spencer looking out the window, Sidney reading a book.

When Spencer finally sat and turned towards me, Sidney found her book even more fascinating, even upside down.  And Emily is still smiling so sweetly.

trial 2  – on the bench in the sun room

Emily smiling so sweetly, Sidney doing a puzzle, Spencer turned invisible (sigh, don’t you hate when that happens?)

(note, it was daytime, I used the flash, it was not the middle of the night as the view from the windows suggests...)

Finally, Spencer was ready to join his sisters.  But even with the other 2 looking at me and smiling (Emily sweet, Spencer crazy), Sidney was still only focused on her puzzle.

trial 3 – in the big chair

Fail.  Spencer would not let go of the pacifier (Sidney is holding hers), and Sidney was not in the mood for pictures.  Emily was smiling so sweetly.

Then Sidney decided she had had enough

And Emily was still smiling so sweetly.

trial 4 – what about an action shot?  All 3 kids helping me make a pitcher of iced tea?

Well, at least I got a pitcher of tea out of it….  (earl grey mixed with a honey and hibiscus tea, So good!)

So far, this is the best shot I have of all 3 kids and it captures them perfectly.  The silliness, the happiness, the love.

None of them are looking at me, the lighting is horribly overexposed and terrible, but I love it!  And I will keep trying to get that one perfect shot….  Because here is the thing – Sidney GETS it!  When she is in the mood, when she sees the camera, she stops and smiles for the camera.  In every one of these, Emily has such a sweet, pretty smile.  We’ll get there…  like everything else with kids, it will take time, patience, and yield a lot of hilarious outtakes!


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