The Olympic Standing There Team

So I have been informed that the facebook feature works!  People are happily seeing updates to the blog on their facebook things (I am not up on facebook terminology), and everyone is happy.  Except now there is apparently a public record when I take too much time between posts.  That was not factored in when I set this up….

So, with no post planned, let’s talk about standing.

Sidney is standing like a champ and LOVING it!  Seriously, we are considering letting her try out for the “standing there” team in the next Olympics game.  As long as she has a solid surface that she can use to pull herself up, and is so happy standing there, holding on.  We are not joining the “letting go of the structure and trying out our own mobility” team.  That would be madness of course.  but as long as it can support her weight, she will use it to stand up – like my leg, the play table, any of Emily’s chairs, her brother’s head…  All sorts of things…  She is so much fun!

Spencer is also pulling to stand.  Especially at night when he does not want to go to sleep because that would mean time apart from mommy and that is a terrible prospect.  Like, last night for example… but anyway he is also pulling up to stand.  But he has a problem.  Gravity is not his friend.  Poor guy.  He pulls to stand and then has no idea what to do if he wants to come down.  He turns and looks for someone to help and gives a them sad, pathetic face until they rescue him.  Once he learns to fall on his bottom, life will get easier for him, harder for me.  He is not trying out for the “standing there” team just yet.  He is instead perfecting his “cuddle bug” abilities.  I love it!

Emily could coach the team!  She is so proud of the babies every time they stand and has tried talking them through the process of walking.  Ok guys, you put one foot down and then the other foot here and you are walking.  Could it be any simpler?  So far (WHEW!) they are not listening to her advice.  I am NOT ready for walkers!!


(disclaimer, both pictures were taken with my phone at day care this morning, so the lighting is not what I would prefer…. Oh and that is a dress up dress on Emily, I did not send her to school in a formal velvet trimmed ball gown.)


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