Shana Tova 5774

Happy New Year my babies!  5773 was an insane year and so far 574 looks to follow in its footsteps.  I cannot wait to see what the year has to offer.  5774 will likely be the year of the walker.  Within the next month or so Sidney will be walking.  Spencer has no interest and that is just fine with me!  5774 is the year of the book – all three of my kids are obsessed with books.  5774 is the year of art – I have gorgeous, hand crafted, preschooler and toddler (in age if not in action) art all over the house.

Last year (5773 and for fun 5772) we went apple picking right around Rosh Hashana.  This year we decided to make it a family tradition.  In my mind today we had the perfect Rosh Hashana.  The only things missing were the babies.

This morning we got to school as usual and dropped off the babies.  Then we went upstairs to Emily’s class and she started to sign everyone in.  I stopped her and told her to only sign in the babies because she was coming with Daddy and me.  She was beyond excited!  An hour drive later she still had no idea where we were going.  As we neared the farm she guessed strawberry picking and when I said Nope, guessed apple picking.  I wish I have video taped her reply.  She was literally dancing in her seat with excitement!

(unfortunately I forgot the camera so these are from my phone, and if my phone allows me to control the lighting in pictures, I can’t figure out how!)


We had a fabulous time!  We started off in the Jonamac rows.  The weather was perfect for apple picking.  Fall is about to hit here in New England.  There was a slight chill in the morning air.  Once the cloud lifted, the sky was a gorgeous bright blue.  And you could smell the apples everywhere!


We also picked Gala apples and a few ginger golds and paula reds.  It was a delicious morning.  Then, after a stop at their market for apple pies and apple cider cinnamon donuts (YUM!), as well as an apple salsa and roasted pumpkin seeds (which i know are insanely easy to make but sometimes you just want a snack that does not involve cooking, you know?).

Then we tackled the corn maze.  I have ALWAYS wanted to do a corn maze.  It was fabulous!

Once we went in, Emily really got into it.  She chose which way we went.  We decided to divide into teams.  D vs me and Em.  Several times she and I reached the check point well before he did, which she loved!  Especially when he could hear us but not find us.

Notice the apple in her hand.  She started it in the orchard and worked in it until, well, it sadly dropped.  But she ate most of it and begged for more.  Unfortunately deep inside a corn maze there is no way to get to the apples you left in the car…

The maze was set up perfectly.  it was interesting enough for Emily to enjoy it, and challenging enough for me and D to LOVE it!  There were 10 check points.  Emily and I had the kids version of questions – the answers each had directions with them.  Choose the right answer, and you know which way to turn.  D had the sports questions.  A few times the correct answer on each led us in different directions.  We found check point 4 over and over again.  We somehow never found 7, but ended up at 8 anyway.  We loved it!


To me, this was the absolutely perfect way to spend Rosh Hashana.  yes, we could (and should?) have spent the day in Shul like every other Jewish family.  And I am sure eventually we will.  But apples are symbolic of the holiday.  And let’s not forget that Rosh Hashana is the birthday of the world, so what better way to celebrate than by enjoying nature and apples?

After the orchard, and lunch, we went to the Children’s service, which is just so perfect for Emily.  Both the Rabbi and (his daughter) the Canter play guitar and sing and Em was able to sing along and even tried to follow along with the Hebrew readings.  We are still singing the Shofar song at home.  Then, after a quick hi to her Hebrew school teacher, we grabbed the babies and headed home.

As we closed out our perfect day and Emily and I rocked before bedtime, I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said it was going to Temple.

It was the perfect way to start our new year.


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