Closing out August

I organize everything, I have to.  I cannot leave things unorganized because them we have chaos.  Well, then we have even more chaos.  And no one needs that much chaos.  I am about to move the file folder of August pictures to the storage drive, but first, here are some of my favorites that never got posted.

We spent most of August playing outside.

Laughing together in the back yard

We played in the wagon that cousin Danielle gave us.

Emily took a break from riding her bike to relax in the wagon with the babies. Generally helmets are not required for wagon rides.

Fist bump!

We laid on our backs and enjoyed the weather (this cracks me up!)

We laughed on grandma and grandpas deck

A few times in August we had to play inside….

But then we went right back outside.  We ran, we danced (in and out of the sprinkler and on dry land), we sat, we cheered, we hugged, we played…  We were quite busy!








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