I am not ready for this

It is happening.  It is real.  I am in denial. And I plan to stay that way for a long time.  I have dreaded this.  I have searched for ways to stop it, delay it, confound it, but nothing.   But it was inevitable really.

It all started so innocently.

I was in the kitchen with Emily when D called me into the downstairs nursery.  (Sidebar, we suck at naming rooms!!  This would bea  dining room but we don’t need a formal dining room, plus our kitchen table is like 7 or 8 feet long, so guests can eat there.  And this room has the changing table.  Do it is a dining room/play room but we call it the downstairs nursery.  It needs a name and a new identity because we are NOT calling it the diaper changing room!)

Anyway, I went into the nebulous-yet-to-be-named room and saw this…

and nearly fainted! But then D revealed that he actually staged this.  He set it up.  He did it.  Sidney did not.  But she sure enjoyed it.

So he got Spencer in on the fun.

Sigh….  But wow, they look like little people here, don’t they?  Not babies.  Are they officially toddlers even if they are not toddler-ing?

Look at the can of worms he opened!!  She loves to stand!  This is bad.  All sorts of bad!  I cannot have walking babies!  Not acceptable!  As soon as they learn to walk they will be everywhere and into everything!  We are preparing now.  new house rules – all little Legos must be put away if you are even a heartbeat away from the Lego area.  They are already desperate to take apart and eat Emily’s many Lego creations.  This is bad news.

Once D showed Sidney how to stand her little wheels started turning, and within days she learned how to climb.  And I knew then the end was near.

Because now she can pull to standing on her own.  Anywhere.  Any time.

Like at grandma’s and grandpa’s house, in front of the stairs.  (Which technically would have been gated off had grandpa and I not been sitting there….)

This has nothing to do with climbing, unless we call it a pre-climbing picture but I LOVE this picture!

It took literally seconds for Sidney and Spencer to attack those stairs.  And win.

Note that she is standing and he is climbing right up those stairs. Thankfully he soon got distracted and moved onto something else.

Sidney was not distracted and very focused on her goal.

Too focused. And too successful. At least in my opinion.

And now they climb onto everything.

Their favorites thing to climb on is their chairs.  And they know which chair is their own.  Sidney however, also likes to climb onto Spencer’s chair because the box of blocks is next to it.  She will climb into her chair, lean over, get a block, turn, lean the other way and put the block on Emily’s chair.  Over and over.

Owning her chair and so proud of herself!

not to be outdone, Spencer is not pulling to stand yet (yet, sigh) but he loves to climb too

But the worst part is that she has (gulp) taken 2 steps.  Once pushing a walking toy and once pushing Emily’s doll stroller.  My little 4 pound 4 ounce preemie who spent a week in the NICU learning how to regulate her own body temperature has taken 2 steps.

I am not amused.

I am proud of her!  I am thrilled for her!  I can;t wait to see her walking and growing and learning.  But she needs to remember that she is my tiny little baby.  NOT a big girl!  And she will remain my tiny little baby until she is 40.  At least.  Sigh… walking….  how can 2 little steps thrill me and depress me at the same time?

So from the other side of my brain – AHHH!!  You guys!!  OMG!!!  My baby is try to walk!!!  YAY!!!

(but that side of my brain is in time out right now…)


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