First Family Vacation

In our past lives, D and I loved to travel.  We did a fair amount of traveling with Emily – not as much as we wanted but some nonetheless.  Eventually I want to take the kids everywhere.  We will go on business trips with D – I am already planning our trip to London with him.  I want to play with the kids in Hyde Park, take the girls (and Spencer if he will do it) out for tea, the Victoria and Albert museum (drool!!!!) and of course, the palaces.  But not yet.  We are not ready yet.

What we are ready for now is a fabulous family vacation, and we got it.  For a week in July, the entire family went out to Rhode Island.  it was really special for the kids to spend that much time with their grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin and they all loved it!

Ready to hit the beach!

Spencer was a big fan of splashing and kicking! (and eating sand)

Sidney was NOT a fan of wearing her hat, she and I had many many arguments over that hat. She won, but only got a few minutes in the sun at a time due to her lack of hair to protect her scalp.

Emily had a great time playing in the waves and even tried out her cousins Boogie Board!

Little Miss was banished to the shade

Even in the shade, she loved the sand, and created many sand piles on Aunt Sherry’s chair.

Emily LOVED being with her cousin – here they are exploring wind socks on Block Island.

Everything we did was fun that week.  We hung out at a local beach (first set of pictures), we took the ferry to Block Island, but my favorite was the beach in Newport.  The tide was way way out and we were able to roll the stroller right down on the water.

There is nothing better than swings on the beach!

The waves were high, the water was SO warm, the beach was not at all crowded, and Em and I had a great time hunting shells

I tried so hard to get a great shot of all three kids on the beach, but it sadly never happened. Instead I got a ton of great pictures of Emily, so it was still all good 🙂

The babies were there, they had a great time, ate sand (sigh), and slept soundly the second the car started.

There were a ton of bunnies in Rhode Island!

After the beach and a nap, the kids enjoyed playing inside, while Sidney had a few moments of serious (yet gorgeous) introspection.

Our last day, last beach trip, it rained. Emily, her cousin and D raced in the rain to touch the water.

Not really a fan of the hairstyle, but my man has some long hair and looks good even with silly hair!

I want to thank Aunt Sherry for the picture above and grandma and grandpa each for one of the pictures below.

Our first family picture on our first family vacation

My favorite picture from the trip. Laughing and playing with my kids. Does it get any better? Perfection. (where was D in this picture anyway?? What was he doing?)



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