Wheels in the woods

We live in south western Connecticut.  And we love where we live.

When I lecture on love, dating, etc (in my sociology of marriage and the family class), I tell students that it is kind of ironic that we expect to find our soul mates living within a 50 mile radius of us.  But then again, maybe not so weird.  I could live in New England, Annapolis, the north west (drool, the San Juan Islands!), London and Sydney, Australia.  So could D.  We have talked about living elsewhere, usually in conjunction with an email regarding a college hiring or a headhunter calling D, but those are our ideals.  But really, we live in the most perfect place for us.

We have going to a local farm for 4 years now.  (here is Emily’s first and second trip).  We like this farm and go a often as we can.  Emily’s first year there, and this year we joined as members.  When ever we go, we visit the farm part and see all the animals.  And we go to the playground.  but this time, we explored further for the first time.  And I am so glad we did!

First things first.   The kids all loved the animals!  TO me, farms are so much better than zoos.  It is much more natural and the animals seem happier.  We go to the zoo, our local zoo is tiny, a perfect size for kids, but the farm is so much better!

We started the day with a huge hawk on the swing set.

(and spent the rest of the day and then next few days counting turkey to see if the hawk enjoyed any of our animals friends as a snack.  I love the hawk visiting,but I am not sure I want him to see our backyard as his buffet.  Update, this was Saturday 8/10 in the morning, as of posting this on Monday, we are short one female turkey from the rafter (yes that is correct) of 1 male and 3 females that have been regular visitors lately….)

The kids loved the farm.  Spencer especially kept pointing to the animals and saying “this this” and smiling great big.

Brand new baby piggies were sleeping in a big pile.  This little guy was about 20 feet away from his brothers and sisters.  Because sometimes you just need some space!

We played in the woods up by the sugar house.

And then we found a really big cow!

Holy Cow!  (like that wasn’t predictable)

We ended our visit to the farm by saying hello the goats.  Spencer seemed to especially adore the goats and sheep.

The farm is really a gorgeous area.

Then we found a bench by a lake and enjoyed a picnic lunch while watching a swan.


And the view, when we looked past the swan was fabulous

After our picnic, we decided to check out more of the area before heading back home.  While D and the babies checked out the map and a rogue goose, Em and I visited the otters

Then we went to the playground.  This is a fabulous playground.  For bigger kids, not so much for tiny ones.

Emily loved the slide!  It is a big one and D offered to go down with her the first time.

she only needed him that one time and then she was fine!

While Emily and D climbed the structures and enjoyed the slide, I let the babies crawl around and fought to keep them from eating (too much) mulch.

(love love love how they are sitting all tangled up in each other here)

But then trouble hit.  Emily was having a fabulous time and the troublematic duo were fussing and acting tired.  In an effort to buy her time, I took the babies for a walk.

We have been to the farm tons of times, we have played on the playground a handful of times, we we have never ventured past it, into the woods.  I am so glad we did that day!  It was fabulous!!!

This park offers what they call “wheels in the woods” which means the trails are handicap accessible, which is code for stroller safe.  But I had no idea…

Does it get more perfect than this??  When Emily was a baby, we took her hiking and I wore her in the bjorn.  I have been pretty upset that the twins could not go hiking the same way.  Now they can.  This path is perfect for the stroller, wide, flat, and the babies get to experience the amazing beauty of the woods.

We were not far from the playground at all, and yet all we could hear were the birds, the babbling brook, the wind, the butterflies…

beauty and strangeness…  Um, Emily, who is ‘GU’????

When we got back to the playground, we found Em and D up in a giant bird’s nest

What a fabulous day.  Next time we are going further in the woods!

The walk back to the car was just as gorgeous as the rest of the scenery that day.

It was a perfect day.  And many many more loom on the horizon.  We’ll be at this farm, playground, and woods often in the coming months.  Up here in New England, there is a touch of fall in the morning air, and while summer is by no means ready to leave us completely, I can’t wait to show my kids the beautiful colors in these woods when the leaves change.


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