Storing fruit in a lamp

In our house we eat a lot of fruit.  The kids have fresh fruit with every meal, and I cook with it, etc…  I have been storing the fruit in one of our bright colored mixing bowls, but I wanted something different.  For some reason I got it in my head that I needed to elevate my fruit bowl.  Not sure why, maybe because of our limited counter space, it is just what I wanted.  But I could not find anything I liked/was willing to pay for.

So I did what I always do, I went to good will.  Several times.  And then finally, after a few months of wandering, I saw this.  And the wheels started spinning.

Pretty ugly right?

Check out the details


OK, it is really ugly.

Remember my awesome husband who is used to me bringing home stray things/furniture/etc?  His comment was, “uh, it is a lamp”.   I know honey, but it will be a fruit bowl.  Um, it’s a lamp….

lather rinse repeat…

But he has faith in me and I had faith in me.  And I wanted a fruit bowl!  But you know, he had a point, it IS, after all, a lamp.  And very few people routinely store their fruit in lamps.

So I unthreaded the electrical stuff and gave it a very light coating of sunny yellow spray paint.

I could say that I painted it yellow to match the accent tiles in our kitchen, which have yellow and blue in them.  But the truth is that I had it and I wanted a happy color.  I decided to give it a light coat so it would look distressed, not too perfectly painted.

Oh, did I mention that I got a huge bowl while I was at goodwill?  Yeah, there I was, in goodwill, using a dresser as a base, trying out every bowl they had on my lamp, and getting some odd looks.  And quite  a lot of opinions.

The bowl is not attached, just resting on top while the base finished drying but I had to see how it would look.


it works!  And I love it!!

Right now most of the fruit in the house needs to live in the fridge (peaches, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), but it looks fabulous anyway!  It is holding an acorn squash, a pear and the pine cone Emily picked up for me.  The bowl is firmly attached and not coming off!

Coolest lamp fruit bowl I have ever seen!

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