A baby monkey

When I was pregnant with Emily, D came to every major ultrasound and sent the entire time praying with his fingers crossed.  Not that she was fine (which, obviously she was), but that maybe, just maybe, instead of a baby girl, I would be growing a monkey.  An actual monkey.   For those of you sitting on the edge of you chair, wondering if I did have a monkey, no, I did not give birth to a monkey.  I gave birth to an Emily.  D got over it pretty quick though.

Emily was never a climber (see where I am going now??).  She never rolled like Sidney did.  She never really climbed much, just in and out of her little armchair.

Sidney, on the other hand, was a roller.  We would put her down in one place, and barely blink and she would be across the room, grabbing the exact toy she wanted and then roll back.  But she never rolled in a straight line.  In geometry you learn that the shortest distance between any 2 points is a straight line.  (geometry?  algebra?  I learned it in a math class, i know that…).  Sidney hasn’t taken geometry yet.  She never went in a straight line.  She would find come crazy catawonky way to get there that involved angles, and pushing off walls, siblings, other toys….  And once she had the toy she wanted, she would go right back to where she started, in the exact same catawonky way.

This past weekend, the weather was GORGEOUS and took full advantage of it.

Sunday we started off at the aquarium because Emily really wanted to show Sidney the turtles.  In honor of the great event, both babies wore turtle shirts.  They were entranced by the huge tank of fish.

Then we went outside to play



Until D said, Hey, where is Sidney going?

After her visit to the picnic table, she came back.  Just like the Sidney of old.  She saw something, she went to it, she came back.

Spencer was so happy to have her returning that he hugged daddy

And Emily danced in the sudden, rainbow producing, rainstorm

Then, yesterday I walked into the sunroom and saw Sidney in a little chair.  Which was surprising because I did not put her in the chair,


Granted, it is not high off the ground (softer landing?) but she is in the chair and facing forward and did it herself!  And then somehow got herself a broom.

(the video ends abruptly because I thought she would fall, but genius child did not fall!)

And that night, I was downstairs making bottles when I heard a huge thump bump crash and crying!  Our (fabulous, amazing, life and sanity saving) nanny was dressing Spencer after his bath while Sidney played.  Crash, thump, bang, translates into, somehow Sidney got onto the toy horse by herself.  One leg on each side.  And then fell.  Crazy kamikaze kid!   Emily never was a climber.  This is uncharted territory for me.  But at the last appointment, our pediatrician showed me a video another twin mom sent her.  One of the twins climbed out of the crib and then helped the other twin climb out too!  My life just got really scarey!  And now I think I need to baby proof the walls and ceiling, just in case, because I am fairly sure Sidney could get up there.  It would not surprise me.


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