Just like riding a bike

This past week we, along with the grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin, rented a house in Rhode Island.  The idea came out of Hurricane Sandy, when all 10 of us lived in one house, the one house with power.   The experience sucked but was great at the same time.  It was fabulous when planned and with more bedrooms!  I will write an entire Rhode Island post eventually, but one of the highlights of the trip was cousin Danielle learning to ride a 2 wheeler all by herself!

Emily found it very inspirational.

Don’t blink, these are VERY short videos

(see, that lasted all of 8 seconds!)

Yes, that is MY daughter!  My big, and now, even bigger, girl, riding a bike ALL BY HERSELF!  And she did it in a floor length (tucked up under her bottom for safety) nightgown.  Unless the pedals are in that one tough place, she can start and stop all by herself.  In the video above, the pedals are int at bad spot.

So now we have a whole new set of rules in our house.    Sorry Grandma and Grandpa but the rule is, no riding to see Grandma and Grandpa.  Also, no riding to see cousin Danielle.  No riding in the street.  And, if all else fails, no riding off the driveway.  And stop growing up so fast!


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