Date to remember: Wednesday July 24, Spencer now waves and says Hi.  But only on his own accord, never after a prompt.  It is awesome!

Spencer does not do much on command really, except clap.  Clapping is still his favorite. This picture is his reaction to Grandpa trying to convince him to smile for the camera.  No dice.
 photo Picture1_zpse50d8a36.jpg

Gorgeous even with that look on his face!

And note the outfit – I altered a long sleeve onesie and it has started life anew as a short sleeve onesie.  Love it!

I love hos my babies are starting to be able to communicate with me.  Sidney says Wa Wa, we give her a sippy of water, and she drinks it.  And everyone knows shaking the head means no, we are just not all n the same age of what no means.  It is all a process.

And in a completely unrelated note, while we all send baby Prince George and his parents our very best wishes, I join a lot of people in being stunned that the name Spencer (as in late Grandma Diana’s maiden name Spencer) is not part of the name.  Spencer, you are a prince to us!


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