hugs and kisses

Date to remember – Sunday July 14th, both babies, at the same time, race crawled over to me and gave me tons of hugs and kisses.  Spencer kisses resemble a Sarlacc, in that he tried to devour your entire face (future girlfriends, beware!), but it is the sweetest face devouring ever!  Both babies love blowing kisses; I could do this all day!

He also loves to kiss and hug Sidney.  Spencer’s hugs involve him touching his cheek or his head to his target.  So he goes over to Sidney, touches he face to her head and then proceeds to try to eat her Sarlacc style.  She is not amused.

Lately the twins have been playing together and having SO much fun.   They chase each other around, they take toys from each other (but be warned, no one is allowed to touch Giraffee (spelled the way it is pronounced), Sidney will NOT allow that!)

My life is So much fun right now!

a picture of a picture from day care of the kids painting together and painting each other


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