Storing Legos

Legos have always been a huge hit in our house.  Emily had the duplo legos that the babie are now enjoying.  And she has moved on to what she calls, little legos.

A few years back we were cleaning out a basement closet and I came across the bag of legos from my childhood.  I did use the lego box from that post but we have since outgrown it.   You see, there was a post on freecycle for legos and other building toys.  I have NEVER seen legos on freecycle and I really believe this guy could have gotten thousands of dollars for all the thigns he gave us for free.  D says more like a couple of hundred, but I am not so sure.  2 black garbage bags FULL of legos.  A lego robotics set.  A lego rocket set thing.  Matchbox cars that have since gone to someone else via freecycle due to too much peeling paint for my babies.  A bag of Hess trucks.  Tons of K’Nex.  I am still blown away by his generosity.  And will be for decades to come.

When I say that we got a lot of legos, it is not really easy to understand just how many there were.  And just how many I cleaned, because yep, I cleaned them all.

One of the many filled containers of newly cleaned legos

more legos than I have ever seen in one place!

the lego bag with most of the new legos

One of my favorites – a lego octopus (my second favorite is a working lego compass)

This is most of the new legos – cleaned and in the bag.  Let me be clear here – this is JUST the new legos.  The legos from my childhood were in a lego box, very happy.   The new legos are in the lego bag from my childhood.  The bag that was great for storing legos.  But not great for finding that one particular piece.  I needed a storage system….

I scoured the internet and pinterest and ended up at Ikea.

Ikea Trofast + Legos = DROOL!!

I LOVE this!  We have one drawer per color (marked) and one “extra” drawer that is holding wheels, random pieces, and odd colors – like the 7 orange legos that frankly do not deserve their own box.  The brown/Beige/Clear legos were lucky to score a box all their own.  Under the black box is a little case for people, octopuses, and lego clothes.  Yes, we have lego clothes.  We seriously have lego clothes.  crazy!  Below the grey box are a few spare building sheets.   On top is the original lego storage box with legos that have not yet been sorted and a little box for landscaping pieces – trees, flowers, fences, etc…  Emily likes to have a few building plates on top.  On the right h=is her latest project, complete with people, cars and a ton of flowers.  Likely every lego flower we own, since they are now so easy to find.

I cannot be the only person to get this excited over organization!

The system totally works for Emily though.  At first she took the box she wanted to a table to work on legos (house rule, no legos on the floor, they might get eaten!), but now she pulls a chair or bench over to the legos and works on the top.

My mother in law pointed out to me recently that this is 100% a kids house.  Every room has toys (not all that belong there, but it happens), and every room is kid friendly.  I am fine with that. I want that. (I created that!)   When we are all home, life is all about the kids.  But the kids stuff can still be pretty and organized!  Because who knows, one night when all the kids are asleep, D and I may want to play with legos.


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3 thoughts on “Storing Legos

  1. Very cute! I love that you color coordinated the labels with what is in the drawers. As for having a kids house, I’m right there with ya. Soon they won’t want to play with toys anymore, and I’ll miss having them strewn throughout the house (just don’t tell my kids that). 🙂 Thanks for sharing! -Emily

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