A silverware drawer

The good people on HGTV are always saying that people buy houses for kitchens and bathrooms.  We did not.  When I got the listing for our house from our realtor, I did a drive by and emailed her and D saying that this was definitely our house.  We did not need to see the inside.  I knew.  I just had that feeling.  And we have never regretted it.  But there is a lot of irony in our buying this house.  That first walk through, D, Emily, our realtor and I ere upstairs, checking out the huge master, large guest room, and small, but not tiny, other bedroom.   I knew that the small room would be Emily’s because it is the only carpeted room in the house and she was not yet walking.  And I reminded D and our realtor (a friend from my mommy group), that we wanted to have another child.  I can remember it perfectly.  We were in the upstairs hallway, off center, towards the kids rooms and I said, what if we had twins.  Would this house hold twins and they both assured me that yes, easily.  The house does, but there is a future possibility of tightness.  Because we are not moving.  3 years later, every time I drive up to the house I feel the exact same way I did on the first drive by.

But we did NOT buy this house for the bathrooms – we came from 2 huge full baths to 2.5 tiny bathrooms.  Emily’s bathroom in the condo could fit about 8 people comfortably.  Now, me, plus another adult, bathing all 3 kids at once is very tight!

And we did NOT buy this house for the kitchen.  And in the condo we had tons of storage and a silverware drawer.  In the house we did not.  Seriously.  I had no silverware drawer.  The day after we moved in, we bought an armoire to put in the kitchen for, you know, silverware and storage.

This is our kitchen, but NOT our kitchen.  This is a picture from the house inspection and trust me, our counter tops are never that empty.  In the bottom left is an island they had in the kitchen (they also had a huge china hutch in there, and a bench – that room was crammed!)  You see all the counter in the picture?  That is all the counters in the kitchen.  That is it!  There is no where else to prep food.   And see that tiny drawer to the left of the oven?  That is the top of a column of 4 drawers.  Maybe 6 inches wide.  Useless.  And this is it for cabinets.  We added an armoire and a bench but no silverware drawer.

3 years later, I have a silverware drawer.  No counter tops yet, but we still have (and use) a silverware drawer!!!

Look at all those drawers!  See those top 3?  The one on the far right is my silverware drawer!   Below it is D’s favorite (second favorite, he hated the silverware situation too), trash/recycling drawer.  Then the 2 wide drawers for pots.  Then lower, is one drawer (dish towels?) and it wraps around to a built in bench and more drawers.

The bench cushion has been ordered.  And in the meantime, the kids have started staking claims to drawers.

Our old non built in bench had baskets under it for storage and I kept the play food in one.  We have a lot of play food, way too much to keep in the play kitchen.  So now, the first bench drawer is for play food.  I think the other one will be Tupperware.  So many decisions.

Sidney’s favorite spot is the open area is with stuffed frog and the mixing bowls.

She spent a while loading and unloading the bowls.

I finally switched the camera over to video mode (and neglected to bump up the kitchen lights)!

Those 2 biggest bowls are too heavy for her to lift, but Spencer managed to pull them down later on and the fun continued.

Suffice it to say that the new kitchen is a big hit and so far has been enjoyed by all.  And my children can now leave the house with their heads held high, as part of the “Silverware Drawer Club”, I am thinking of printing up t-shirts.


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