The proof is in the pudding

Yes, I had wanted to devote a post to the kids playing in the pool, but that has to wait, because today we painted with pudding.

I put a piece of poster board on the floor with a muffin tin of pudding paint.  Emily and I made a batch f vanilla pudding and put a scoop into each muffin cup.  Then we stirred in food coloring.  I put it on the floor with the poster board and the babies.  Now, if you try this at home know hat a key step is to let go of ALL OCD tendencies.  I am not good at this at all.  I try.  I fail.  Today I had no choice.  I went into this knowing there would be a mess.  It cleans up.  It is all good.

Things started slowly.  Both girls (each wearing a pink dress and I wore a pink shirt by the way) started slowly to experiemnt with their fingers in the pudding and on the paper.

Emily tried to teach the babies how to finger paint.

Spencer was not sure what to make of the situation.

He still had fun!

Sidney also did some tasting, but she was more fastidious about her work

(are you noticing all the pudding on my floors?????  are you???  ok, deep breathing…  it is all ok…  and right now it is clean enough for a normal person.  Later on it will be clean enough for me.  But I digress)

My little artist hard at work.  She was concentrating so hard on her art.

Spencer eventually stopped snacking to help his sisters paint the board.

But for him the bottom line was clearly – Pudding is DELICIOUS!

And then he tried to make a break for it.

I may have tried to let go of my OCD tendencies long enough to let the kids have some fun, but there was no way this kid was escaping and spreading the pudding to other rooms!

During the course of the painting, both babies came over to hug me.  Either that is a sign of joy in the activity, or they have already learned a little bit of deviousness….  Regardless a great time was had by all, even me!  Because in the end, the mess, the floor, it is all meaningless.  The end result is 3 happy kids and one fabulous masterpiece.  The first ever piece of art created solely by my three babies.

I love it.

The first masterpiece created by all three of my babies.




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