July 4th – Asserting our own independence

As our nation celebrates its freedom, we did the same, at home, in a horridly unbearable heat wave.

Food Freedom

While playing outside in the pool, Emily and I started talking about dinner.  She specifically wanted me to make gnocchi, which is always a hit in our house.  Tonight’s was the best EVER!  Emily suggested we make it with cream cheese, butter and rosemary.  Why not?  So I gave it a try.  OMG!  This is the BEST GNOCCHI ever!!  A scoop of (I used whipped) cream cheese, some butter, and some rosemary fresh from the herb garden.  She had 3 helpings, I would have had 2 if she had left any, and the babies loved it too.  Poor lactose intolerant D could only watch, but next time I will use lactaid cream cheese for him.

In the spirit of July 4th, and of America being a melting pot, I made an amazing chicken to go with it, and I am sharing the recipe because it went so well with the gnocchi.

Brown the chicken (I cut up boneless skinless breasts and browned it cut up, just easier), add chicken stock, teriyaki, orange zest and juice, the thickener of your choice and pineapple.  Simmer it while you play in the pool and wait for the babies to wake from their naps.  Simple, delicious and the sauce…  That chicken was so tender, it literally fell a part.

and speaking of food, if you got your husband, father a smily face pancake pan for father’s day, and then you make smily face pancakes for breakfast, do not add diced strawberries, because the faces do not look right with big red spots.  Our breakfast looked kind of violent this morning.  Just saying…  even though the strawberries were my idea…

Freedom from high chairs!

Freedom from Bedtime

Sometimes you need to ignore bedtime, or go to bed a little late, to blow bubbles outside in your pajamas.

Freedom to hide

Can you find Emily?

(That is Spencer leaving the room)

Peek A Boo!


And because it is fun to look back,

Here is Sidney one year ago

And Emily 2 years ago

And Emily 3 years ago


up next, we beat the heat in the pool every day this holiday weekend, I have tons of pictures that I am still sorting through, so far, they are a lot of fun!


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