Green, Yellow, Time Out

Our latest craft is basically “stolen” from Emily’s classroom.

Emily’s preschool is basically preparing for kindergarten and they are paying a lot of attention to listening and following the rules.  Every child starts the day on “green”.  Infractions drop them to yellow and too many infractions drops the child to red – AKA a visit to the director (principal)’s office.

It is important to me to follow the school’s curriculum and themes.  For example, this week they are studying space, so we talk about the moon and stars.  When they studied dinosaurs, we read dinosaur books.  etc…

And we follow the school rules too.

I am really impressed with this green, yellow, red board.  They use a white board and three colored circles arranged vertically.  I don’t have a spare white board but thanks to an office redesign at work, I have lots of spare cork boards.

Our at home discipline board

Emily and I hit the sewing machine with our felt.  Em’s was in charge of raising and lowering the presser foot and pushing the button to reverse the direction and back again.  She also removed the pins and put them back in the pin box.  How did I ever sew without her?

Then we turned glasses upside down on scraps of felt and made circles – one for each family member.  Stickers and googly eyes and we have our own at home discipline board.   Emily assigned each one – she is purple, I am light pink, Sidney is dark pink, Daddy is blue and Spencer is orange.

Right now we are all on yellow, but D and Spencer have each moved briefly into yellow.  Spencer tore one of Emily’s pieces of art off the wall and tore the art as well – devastating Emily, who worked so hard on the art and on the gallery.  D had to leave for work and Miss Emily was sleeping in.  But here is the thing – in the past both of these action would lead to meltdowns and tears.  Today, she moved them to yellow and moved on.  This is a good board!

Beyond the baby jail, over Sidney’s head you can see Daddy’s circle on yellow!

The board hangs in our front hall, by the door, near the baby gate that keeps the twins safely off the stairs and acts as a fun jail for pictures.


This project is linked at Elephants and Ivy (#95)


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